Embrace the Braces

Beware, this post is going to be flooded with my face (and teeth) ==” So if you hate me and think i look disgusting then you can stop reading here. Hahahahaha. Yes, I am serious. *poker face*

This post was planned to be posted right after my 1st ortho treatment but since there is no wifi (yet) in my new (temporary) PJ bungalow, i gotta postpone it!

众所周知(lol), i have relatively misaligned teeth. It is a type of ugly Class I (all these years i thought i was Class II ==”), whereby both maxillary and mandibular teeth are proclined. I realise this imperfection since long time ago, my aunt even asked me to get braces since i was still in high school. Thinking that “even if i fix it, it will not make much changes to ugly me wtf”, i did not consider it UNTIL i studied dentistry. Then, all minor teeth problems are magnified. Even when you see a girl in bikini with obvious median diastema, i bet you will notice the teeth first! True story.

Additionally, as a student with one feet in the dental professionalism already, i further think that i SHOULD fix this problem. Not only to improve aesthetic and functional value of my dentition, but also as a respect to this future career of mine.

(wtf macam writing essay lololol)

So these are photos of my teeth captured with my old cam long time ago.

P1250397 My mandibular teeth, the ever horrifying mandibular teeth LOL. Crowding, crowding everywhere. 


My maxillary teeth. My 15 is so misaligned, one of my Year1 Oral Biology lecturer thought i had a missing teeth while we were observing our teeth during one of the practical class. This is not the main issue, the main issue is the protruding teeth!

compare-braces-teeth DSC_0942

Normal vs. mine! T.T

538835_3664473224156_1644525603_2796928_822220726_n (2)390879_10151113126504805_765760107_n 

The misalignment is not very obvious if i smile and take photo from some distance, from certain angle. If i were to capture from a near distance (eg during camwhore lol) at certain wrong angle:


Then it became obvious!

430972_10151293927615096_540686610_n Even worse when people caught you at some random moment. Friends around won’t find it horrendous since they look at you talking all the while. But when you look at it from photos, it makes you wanna get a Bane’s mask.

camwhore lol

You know you are feeling inferior with your teeth when more than 90% of your camwhore photo is those i-die-die-also-must-hide-my-teeth-no-matter-how-twitched-my-lips-will-look-like type. That’s me. T_T

DSC_0985 So first of all, i need to extract all 4 1st premolars of mine. Speaking of it, after my 1st extraction, i dreamt of losing my teeth! My anterior teeth in 1st quadrant! Then what’s more absurd was i try fitting back the teeth into the tooth socket like Lego pieces wtheck. Our idiotic self is reflected in dreams i think. Lana said if dental students dream of losing their teeth, then optometry students would dream of eyeballs rolling out and medic students would dream of… maybe organs dropping out. I guess maybe pull out the intestine, make some butterfly knots and stuff it back again. Yayyyy. 

DSC_0991 Then finally after queuing up for almost 4 months in Ooi&Khor Dental Surgery, braces is up! Light pink and light purple! I want to take hot pink next time so that it will be visible from thousand mile away. LOLOLOL. And yes, ignored my Sahara-desert lips!

DSC_0994 Ok i promise just one last photo of my FACE & TEETH. If 2012 is really end of the world, i’m gonna die with metals in my mouth wtf. XD

Currently in the painful period.. T___T And when i close my lips, i need to do that goldfish-mouth motion thingy in order to WRAP over the even protruding dentition with an additional layer of wires! Brrrrrr.


So, there end my post-Year2-holidays! There’s 5 things i am very dedicated to in this holidays

  1. Craft. My baby miniature sets! :))
  2. Movies. I think i’d watched around 30 movies (or even more!) in this holidays, both new and old ones. As i clear the movie debt i had before holidays, i downloaded more. :D
  3. Blog. Changed blog layout and around 2 posts a week with hand-drawn comic character. Damn semangat and syiok sendiri.
  4. Photo. Bought, study, and have trials with Nicole-cam.
  5. Food. You don’t say. (and NOW NO MORE!)

DSC0933343rd year here i come (thought not officially, yet)! Gotta be a clinician soon, all the best to myself :)

Staying at my PJ house has been real cool so far. Staying with  another 11 coursemates in the new bungalow now (I AM HAVING SINGLE ROOM WITH OWN TOILET BWAHAHAHA! How luxurious for a student :D) and shifting to the old bungalow with my new roommates, also coursemates, Sylvia and Mee Poh, in September. Loving the homey atmosphere! Double fun when you are staying with bunch of friends, saja-saja can sit outside the house and share gossips for the whole night. Officially bid farewell to the hostel life filled with restricting rules! With bleeding wallet of course :O

Bye bye optech lab cubicle no.65, bye bye BUA Locker no.75! :) Hi polyclinics and oven-like prosthetic room @ old faculty.


  1. must take care of your teeth o !!! when u graduate, u are gonna look at yourself and say : this is the most beautiful part of me (like me haha) ! the goldfish period is temporary, after 1 yr or so u won't do like that anymore, adapt liao. anyway, SMILE even though u are having brace k ? XD


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