One day i was having lunch with my bestie Shaunie & primary  school teacher, Teacher Lee. Then suddenly teacher asked whether i have WhatsApp and i was like “No lah teacher, i don’t have a smartphone” before i continue saying “I think i don’t have a need to own a smartphone.”

Which, i believe, made her stoned for 2 seconds before she said,

“You are the first person, of your age, who says she doesn’t have a need for smartphone!”

LOLPics---Modern-Smartphone Smartphone, huh?

Not this zhapalang thing but you know what i mean. And sincerely speaking, i think i really don’t need a smartphone to survive, at least not for now.

Smartphone has became a trend in recent years. Is like almost everyone around you will start changing their phone to that big rectangular device with big black screen. And at almost everywhere, you can witness people molesting that kinky device with their fingers(lol i just made it sounds kinky :P). Swipey swipey! And one of the most annoying thing? Everyone continue to molest their phones even during gatherings. First world problem, man.

So why don’t i need a smartphone?

I basically only use my current phone for 4 purposes:

  1. Call, duh.
  2. SMS, double duh.
  4. Camera. And of course Bluetooth.

For the first 2 purposes, i believe a Nokia 3100 can fulfil my need. LOL. Due to the 4th purpose, i need to get a better phone. Which is the main reason i changed to my current phone, anyway. The 1.3megapixel camera on my old phone was a pain in arse.

Oh i left something!

5. Hard. To withstand the damage of knocking the floor after flying off my hands/table/chair/bed etc. Accidents happens everywhere for Miss Clumsy.

The 5th purpose convinces me to get a stone instead LOL.

Some people get a smartphone for their games. I can tell you that besides Sudoku in my current phone, i don’t even know how to play the other build-in games. My bros understands them even better. Oh wait, I don’t even remember what games i have OMG.

(But i do play that Ninja Fruit Slasher thingy with my bro’s phone! Temple Run… i died multiple time after a few turnings so i merajuk and don’t want to continue. Noob. )

I only online & listen to songs with my laptop. It’s okay not to have internet connection with me 24/7 to everywhere i go (But not okay when i don’t have internet connection for DAYS.) I am still breathing here after 21 years.

It is okay not to have Instagram. I have Picasa to edit my photos and tweet them if i want. And, i can always tweet from my laptop instead of phone since i’m such a 宅女,i spend more time on laptop than people spending time with their girlfriend.

It is okay not to have portable GPS. Because….I don’t drive anyway hahahahaha wtf.

So if you are like me, one of the rare creatures that do not have smartphone among your peer, you don’t have to be like this:

image I feel you, bro.

Somemore i’m saving my ChiChang- ChiChang for some other purpose :D


Recently my phone starts to mogok at me. By forcing her to have sparks with Mr. Floor. The volume button became loose, the vibrate sound became really weird, and sometimes there are problems with phone calls. MISS, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME AT THIS MOMENT!


  1. I don't have a smartphone as well. MIne juz normal sony ericsson phone with buttons, but mine has wifi!!! :D

  2. Mine also Sony Ericsson with keypad! XD Nevermind lah we can sms without looking at the phone. Hahaha!


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