Self-achievement: Brand new blog! ♥

Now my blog, in a whole, looks like this! (not exactly brand new cz i partially-recycled the background image. Too sweet, can’t help it :P):


With a proper ‘head’ and ‘tail’!! Now, this is what i call a ‘page’! Everything is in one piece! The ‘head’ comprised of a drawing of myself with all my favourite stuffs, AND the miniatures i’d made last year. Real one! The stuffs at ‘tail’ section are my real belongings in real sizes. Almost. Hehe. So when you see the blog you see me. My soul shall always be with you hahahahahaha wtf. :P I broaden the blog post area manually (cz the new Template Design in Blogger don’t support old templates. pfft.) cz…cz… now i have my baby Nicole,  i can capture clearer photos and i can show off them bigger size. HAAAAAHAHA #buaypaixe. However, my comment bubble malfunctioned and thus removed by surgery means. Also removed my additionally pages and squashed everything into sidebar LOL. And some other changes.

I have been always adoring blog layout like such:

sunset-nature-theme-blogger-template  ma2 mat2

Which, yes, have a proper ‘head & tail’ (sorry i can’t really describe them in proper terminology)

I know i still have a longgggggg way to go if i want to achieve those. Not only knowledge in HTML but also Adobe Illustrator skill. Nevertheless i’m so grateful! Achieving something that you never knew you can do. I have zero prior knowledge in dealing with the HTML stuffs, all i did was Google for tutorials and try out. Sometimes it was quite disappointing. And feel silly for torturing my brain (and eyes!) during holidays for insignificant things like this. AND! While i was feeling pek-cek for some mysterious unsolved problems, my carelessness lead me to start all over again. Pek-cek-ness overload. Now i see that as blessing in disguise because the error apparently solved my unsolved problems! :P

It might be a piece of cake to those studying fields related to HTMLs. It might be a meh to people who don’t bother how the blog look like as well as the content is not crap-like. I regard this as a form of self-achievement, so it is okay if i’m the only happy one standing. LOL~

Ok night. Really gotta rest my brain. I can’t blog in proper sentence anymore. Concentrating in front of laptop for long hours cause headache. Brain cancer soon LOL choi choi choiiiiii. Nite people!