Random July happenings.

Summing up all the outings i had for the month (cz not many of them, anyway. Proved how unsociable i am. Ha ha :P)

So once upon a time i dragged Shaunie and Peh Ge to go shopping. Audrey was supposed to be here with us! She was on her Tioman trip in her sexy bikinis anyway. :D


Happy Lunchbox Set at Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snack. Cz i miss the chicken too much. The taste is similar to Taiwan Alishan Fried Chicken sold at SS2 pasar malam. Of course there more pleasure of eating one whole packet of fried chicken. Haha! And the taufu.. they are cold. Not very used to it but tasted okay!

DSC_0138 Us! Look i’m almost as tall as Peh Ge. Thank you Miss Heels. Heh.

DSC_0142 Lepak partners~ Thank you Peh Ge for driving :))) All look a bit tired after that 3 hours of Dark Knight Rises movie. I like the storyline near the ending, but the middle part was bit too draggy, it made me wonder “When lah this Batman is going RISE?

Rise as in… rise. Don’t think senget like those on 9gag. *i see what you did there*

DSC_0146Duck-face (or goldfish-face?) lala camwhore. No idea why am i so prone to this lala pose. It hides the imperfection of my teeth alignment perhaps. This is bad, i’m starting to be too old for acting like a lala. LOL.DSC_01490

Posting another cz my hair colour look damn good here *tears*. My face, on the opposite, look so constipated, it is not correctable with Photoshop lol. So troll it!

DSC_0165  Next day, semi-class gathering + birthday celebrations with Puan Chan! (& my darlings, Shaunie & Yasmin)

Untitled-1Me & Shaunie, in 2008 and 2012, at the SAME spot in Secret Recipe. Didn’t realise that until i look at the background. Our butts have strong affinity towards that particular location. Grown up, no? I thought i look pretty much the same.

DSC_0172The 4 of us <3 <3 <3 Forever stick together during Form1~3. And i actually hang out more with them now. :P

And before i forgot about this! Those who know me would know that i’m a big fans of Taiwan ice dessert (specifically: Soy ice series). So one day i dragged my friends to yumcha at the Ice Bowl branch in Kota Kemuning (How exciting!). Guess what i saw on Ice Bowl’s official Facebook page next day?

532460_399957486730443_227356395_ne Of all the days and all the angles they want to capture a photo, they pick that moment. So that’s me, concentrating at Shaunie’s speech. Luckily i was not digging my nose or laughing like “XDDDDDD”. By the way, Shaunie is the one in gold earrings, Peh Ge is the one with blue hairband. That’s their cartoon representatives during high school heh.

And i shall end the post with..


A very gross, perhaps disturbing, bimbo camwhore shoot which is (obviously) Photoshop-ed. Lips only! I wish i am daring enough to go out in lips like that, but i don’t have the style to carry that. hahaha!


like this

OKAY! Don’t throw eggs at me for saying that, i’m taking back my words! :P

Half more holidays to go! Am i the only one who thinks that 1 month holidays is quite.. enough? I must be. We must emphasize on quality instead of quantity. Heh.