Miniature Room First Attempt ♥

DSC_0246-12  My first miniature room! In PINK! ♥♥♥

So my miniature crafts strike back after a year!

Last year, during the long holidays, i did miniatures mainly on food like onigiri, sushi, cupcakes, cakes, donuts, pao, popsicle etc. More photos here!  Since i want to rest my brain after concentrating on laptop for long hours last week(to settle this new blog layout), why not craft again? This year, i want to try miniature room.

Have been admiring those miniature house/apartment model for long (those you can find at shopping centres, whereby house agency use them to persuade people). Me and my brothers even wanted to make one….. after my SPM. And obviously we didn’t. :P I thought it might be too complicated for noob like me, but belum try belum tau, so BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! :D

Materials are easily found and relatively low-cost: crepe papers, normal papers, ribbon, cardboard, unused clothes, tissue paper (to mock cotton wool. XD #cheapskate), glue (UHU glue, normal watery glue, and my fav glue tape!), scissors.


First, prepare the walls and floor. Tile a bit ugly and uneven in shape, i know. xD

DSC_0237-1 Then my self-portrait (lolololol) and my favourite part: the BED. :D Bolster is my best companion ! ♥ Fold/roll tissue papers to get the shape of mattress, pillow & bolster. Cover it with unwanted clothes and glue ‘em! No sewing required except the end of bolster (to give a more realistic look). :)

DSC_0242-1 Next, my working place with my laptop, earphone (HAHAHA I KNOW IT LOOK LIKE SOME POISON FLORA OR SOMETHING), wireless mouse, books (normal for a student right), and Nicole-cam (before it is almost completely blocked out by my wardrobe. Anyway my youngest bro say it took him a long time to figure out that it is a camera lol #fail)

DSC_0261-1 Lastly, the wardrobe and my pink stools (not the shit-stool but the chair-stool, duh.) At first i wanna make some mini blouse/dress and hang them on small hangers but… too complicated. So i simply throw a white cloth over there, just imagine it is a towel. Heh.

DSC_0256-1 And done! ♥

Overall size = 6x7x8cm.

Quite happy with the outcome! Nevertheless everything is quite immobile, including the door of wardobe. So cannot tangan gatal to pick up anything cz once broken, consider… broken.

Next project: maybe a … bakery shop?

Facebook link: (Thank you for all your compliments, Miss T appreciates them very much ♥ Critics and comments are welcomed, i need improvement :] )


  1. 6x7x8cm?! WTFFFF omg you damn pro. you should make a mini pet shop! =D <3

    1. Animals hard to make~ i cant even draw a proper one xD


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