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DSC_0367-1e Remember i mentioned about making a miniature bakery in one of my previous post? Well, after around 5 days of work ( + Chronicles-of-Narnia-marathon in between), this is it! Around 90% from different types of papers. Overall size: 10 x 12 x 12cm. Lot more details than my miniature room.

Now, the progress!

I started with the small things (instead of the walls & floors) this time because I need to know how small i can go for each object. If i were to start with the walls & floors and it ended up too small, tak tau lah macam mana i’m gonna continue. Haha~

DSC_0285 Breads and buns. The top left one, i call it the Laziest Bun (easiest to make, just roll the crepe paper into a ball ==”). Personally like those with colour mixture of yellow & brown cz they look.. more real?  Size of each tray: 2x3cm (each bun < 1cm)

DSC_0281Items in refrigerator. The one in the centre, it can be egg tart, it can be cheese tart, up to your imagination. (Egg tart can be eaten COLD! I tried xD) The colourful stuffs on the right are supposed to be macaroons. Ooooo i have not tried 1 before! Size of each tray: 2x3cm.

DSC_0282 My fav cakes! Replicated some cakes that i made last year (here). And if you scroll up to my blog header, you can actually found 2 of them there. Heh. Diameter of each cake: around 1cm.

DSC_0309 Cupcakes! I don’t know why lah everytime i make cupcakes, they turn out to be hideous a bit. Anyway, diameter of each cupcake: around 0.7cm.

DSC_0313 Donuts! Again, you can find them in the blog header lol. Diameter of each donut: around 0.7cm

DSC_0299 I don’t know how to call this type of cake. The big cake? Also turns out to a bit fugly lol. Cz the one in reality is too speechlessly nice! I like those from Delectable by Su. They made my jaw dropped, and after i picked my jaw up and fixed it, it dropped again when i see the next photo in their gallery. Anyway, overall height: around 3.5cm.

And ‘furniture’!


For breads & buns.


Refrigerator before i seal the door completely. My fugly fingers say hi. Heh.

DSC_0294 For cakes. Before i seal them completely too.

And then, arrange the furniture! That is one of the most headache part actually. The cupcakes, big cake, and donuts aren’t in the original plan, they are made to fill up the empty space. Haha! I asked my youngest bro’s opinion to fill up the space. He insisted that i should make a cashier. I say i’m not money minded. LOLOLOL. 扮清高 xD.

Aaaaaaaaaand, it’s… done!

DSC_0319-1  Major lurveeeeee .


Cake corner.


Bread & Buns corner! With the bakery’s name HAHAHA. Don’t be deceived, this will not come true, the blogger can’t bake a single thing. For real.

DSC_0364-1  Fridge!

DSC_0334-1 Donuts fresh from oven! (err.. where’s the oven?)


Bakery’s sign~

DSC_0353-1 The huge cake and cupcakes. And yes, i actually love the table clothes! Randomly thought of that and random thoughts works. XD And oh, that random blackboard on the wall too. :P


Top view.

DSC_0322-1 And just one last photo of it!

Very satisfied. If you don’t analyse it using a logic mind lah. If a magic wand turns it into a real one, it must be a weird bakery since the ratio is a bit off. But never mind, this is not optech session, don’t be so strict to yourself HAHAHA.

What’s next? No idea. Unless Shaunie decided to throw some mini pet amigurumi to me, then i shall make a pet shop. CRAFT COLLABORATION! lol. I’m not familiar with pet shop. Quite familiar with bakery though, cz I LOVE PASTRIES! Wohoo!

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