The dream Mr. Right.


Since the beginning of the year, my weekend-to-do-list has an new item: watch 非诚勿扰, the China entertainment show on blind date. BLIND indeed. If you actually find out the “love” stories progress after the couples were off the stage, 5 out of 10 couples would “break up”. It is still attractive much to me anyway HAHAHA.

So from this show, frequently they will mention about this thing called “Criteria for your another half”, which stimulated me to blog about it now. Of course, i was in dilemma. I reckon after this post is published, some people will point fingers at me and call me DESPO but BITCH PLEASE, everyone has this criteria thingy in their mind! You don’t simply spend the next half century of your life with ANYONE, right?

Then i realised few years back i blogged about similar things at here.

And now in 2012, my perceptions changed.

So, it’s totally okay to blog again!

He don’t have to be really hot and good-looking cz obviously i’m not. Or else, instead of the Chinese saying “Fresh flower on bull shit” (鲜花插在牛粪上),it will become “Wilted flower on fertile soil”. DSC09230


Nevertheless i hope he will not be extremely skinny like Hangman. Cz i’m fluffy (aha what a good word). Many parents with newborn babies have the intention to turn them into me: FAIR and FAT (白白胖胖)!Having a thin boyfriend will make me look relatively even fluffier. #truestory. DSC09231

Fluffy much?

And of course, he should be taller than me. This shall not be a challenge at all because i’m not even 155cm wtf. Nevertheless i basically go everywhere except toilet in wedges so he better be tall-ERRRR. Hahaha!

DSC09245 Exaggeration much.

Having common interest would be a bonus. It would be awesome if he like photography / blogging / Photoshop etc. And i still find guys playing musical instrument CHARMING! Nevertheless, bonus. Just bonus.

DSC09242  Photography+Backpack trips! :D

Even if we don’t have interests in common, please do not try to control me and stop me from doing things i love! Don’t stop me from editing the lighting and contrast of almost every photo, don’t accuse doing craft is silly and time-wasting, don’t restrict me from blogging! My blog will come chasing after you with its imaginary M16. ;)

Age-wise, I still want him to be either same age or elder than me. Maybeeee i can extend to one year younger than me since i’m a Year-End-Baby (not Year-End-Sales wtf). You know one of the scene i cannot endure in 非诚勿扰 is when a 20++ guy decided to go with a 30++ woman. There was once a 25-year-old baby face dude left the stage with a 34-year-old aunty face woman and i was like… DAFUQ? You freaking kidding me? Ngo jit sau mm dou lor!

DSC09246 此乃女人最大的悲哀。

And, no smoker please. I really KENOT TAHAN smoker. Thank You very much. DSC09247

And then, he should be NOISY! *okay i rephrase this because it is kinda misleading*. He should be.. able to talk. LOL. Personally i think if there is any problem between us, we should voice it out before everything turn into a volcano! And he shall have good sense of humour! Smart random jokes, not lame jokes. In term of this i think you can take Dental 5 Tigers as reference, they are so funny and silly you can laugh until cry. But they are kinda at the maximum limit already so don’t cross that boundary HAHAHAHAHA XD.


Too much.

And caring! Observant! How can i leave this out? I believe true romance don’t start from 9 or 99 or 999 or 9999 roses but how you notice about all the little things in life that made her feel warm. Just simple things like…. *am trying to think of examples but it has been a while since i last….* Okay you will know when it’s the time LOL.

Till then,

DSC09235Wait, i shall.

Maybe at certain phase of life, we did encountered the right person at the wrong time and wrong place.

P/s: Typing the whole blog post for the 2nd time since this Window Live Writer suddenly shut down before i manage to save. If this program is a human i can suffocate him with a pillow now. #violence