Comics & Novels of d’ Ol’ Days

So i was digging for the old comics i’d drawn to trace back the origin of Miss T (refer previous post). THEN, simultaneously i found bunch of papers which made me feel…



Right brain, i mean.

I have the habit of keeping rubbish. Well people tend to call old stuffs as rubbish but sometimes they are so memorable you are just so reluctant to throw them and you keep them forever without realising.


My first bunch of hand-drawn comics back in Standard 4! That was when my drawing skills got trained by Mandy. We were deskmates back then and we like to draw and exchange comics among ourselves. I remember her saying she had thrown everything when she shifted house to Kota Kemuning. I kept mine till now! I didn’t read them again but looking at the title made me feel DAFUQ DOES THESE WEIRD KINKY THINGS REALLY CAME FROM MY BRAIN? HOW COME I GOT ZERO MEMORIES?


Besides comics, i wrote short ‘novels’ too wtf. Series novels (like Harry Potter and Twilight LOLOLOL) somemore! Kai wan xiao! I am kinda tempted to read them but i got a feeling that once i start, it might feel more like marking my day-care students’ essays. Reading them sounds like a more adventurous (lol) challenge than reading that 500 blog posts here!


Then THIS! What the 10 sisters Magazine! This ‘10 sisters’ are not the one in matrics but…. wait a second, primary or secondary school? (P/s: my close friends in primary schools accompanied me in my high school too so it is kinda confusing) And, i really REALLY don’t remember drawing this. Worse of all, i can’t name the 10 sisters without tips. Not mentioning the fruits / vege that symbolise us. I know lah i’m mushroom because my hairstyle look sibeh like mushroom back then and it is sooooooooooooo embarrassing *childhood nightmare*

Speaking of these, while i was at Buddy Eunice’s wedding and looking at her childhood photos, suddenly a thought crossed my mind: can i DON’T put my childhood photos during my wedding? At least not that Standard 4 ~ Form 3 period. I damn pantang cz they are simply too.. speechless.


The first comic in high school! That was where Miss T was born!


I suppose i drawn this during one of the long year-end semester break, starring my two younger bros!

DSC09278I think this is the last comic i drawn. Starring friends that play Maple Sea with me during Form 4 / 5! No Poo No Life (or NoP0oNoL1f3? Seemed so from the title hmm) was our guild’s name! Then all of our characters have the word Poo in it! I’m oOPinkyPooOo at first then oOHahaPooOo! Those were the days….

Btw this was an unfinished comic. Prove how lazy am i as i grew older :P


If you think i only draw simple comic then you are wrong cz i draw manga too HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA wtf wtf wtf (dare to buay paixe say is manga somemore. Mei you si guo.)

During Form 3, I was drawing this. My youngest bro in Form 3 now, besides preparing for his PMR, is reading books like Basics in Maths Olympiads, Lecture Notes on Mathematics Olympiad Courses, etc. that, shamed to say, i would never understand.



Of course not.

Everyone have different hobbies at different phrase of life, and no matter how silly it might sound to your future self, it used to brighten up your life! It used to be a tool to foster friendship, a common topic, a stimulus of laughter, etc. So each silly hobbies should be cherished. Maybe years later i will find myself stupid for blogging about all the zhapalang trivial matters in life but well… :))



By the time i decided to publish this post, something extremely happy struck me: my dream since 2010 is finally fulfilled! I am so overwhelmed :’D

I got my own DSLR! And i name my Nikon d3200 as “Nicole” cz its pronunciation is Nikon-like and i like the name Nicole for no reason!


Half-sponsored by my dad. I decided to pay half of it because i still feel sorry to burden my parents. Friend told me that “you can just ask for it as present since you score well in exam”. I just feel that this is not right? Scoring well in exam just for present that might be a financial burden to your parents? We are no longer in primary school!

I have friends telling me that i deserve getting a DSLR cz i have the potential / skill / good angle etc. I hope they are true! Will improvise on shooting skill to make full use of this baby :)


  1. i am a form 3 student. apasal i tak pernah baca yang ni? lemme readdddd XD

  2. LOL dowan! i never let people read that, draw for fun.. dowan lah.. damn paixe with all those silly mushy puppy love stories @____@


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