Update of the day: The conclusion, i’m staying outside campus for the next 3 academic years.

Reason? Story? I wish not to peel open that scar and whine over it again.

I can only say, i am majorly disappointed. And confused. And furious. Unfair. There’s no logic.

There’s rumours saying there have been some dogs, who showed disrespect to the freedom of speech and bring in personal issues into official matters. If it happens to be true, i reckon i found myself an explanation. AND, if it really happens to be true, I’m sorry to say that you are just a shame to your professionalism. I have my rights, you are not my dictator, i shall not succumb to your irrationalism. You can control part of my life, but not my personal thoughts. Thank you. I had enough of you and i shall put my torture to rest.

I had break enough nerves in past year to meet your uncountable demands. It’s enough.

Maybe I shall regard this as blessing in disguise. I should have followed my heart in the beginning. I like the place when i first see it, it gives me a home feel. I smell freedom. Altho i go home every weekends, but i really like the environment. I am not born to endure dissatisfaction in silent, anyway. I should have listened to the whisper of heart.

Money can be earned later. Some feelings can’t.

You know previously i promised myself, if i were to stay outside next year, i will not buy DSLR. And vice versa.

but Nicole-cam is resting peacefully on my bookshelf now. Ok, well. I guess there’s no turning back. Ha ha.

And again, if the rumours happen to be true and you are the bitch/bastard contributing to it.

Fuck you. Seriously. And Thank you.

Be honoured cz i don’t always spit foul words directly at people.

I believe in karma. 


  1. Lee Kar Jun: wad is the rumour???


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