Born of Miss T


Picking up needles and threads after almost a year, and i made my cartoon: Miss T! Note: This Miss T is not the Miss T shop you see in shopping malls, selling girly stuffs. Altho i’m also very geli-ly girly. Bwahaha!

DSC09258Comparison with its 2D version (which you can see flooding every corner of this page)! Fringe is too high, it resembles my fringe during kindergarten days wtf. Then Shaunie insisted that the body should be pink or i look naked LOLOLOL. :P


Then this is the complicated version i made last year, from felt clothes. Before my felts went MISSING with some other colour papers after the graduation-banner-making-season. :(

So today i’m gonna talk about the origin of this imaginary creature with red sexy ribbon. I’m conducting Sejarah class now so pay attention although it might be boring like some other Sejarah classes you had in high school. LOL i’d be slaughtered if Pn. Reetha read this. Your classes are exceptions, teacher! xD

This thing, first existed when i was in my Form2.


Shen Loong, the creator, drew it so. LOL. The few of us started with comics when we were bored, illustrating stuffs happened in class. And when i roughly scanned through those comics, most of them were intended to kacau the couple, Marcus & my bestie Shaunie (who are still together now! And that, involved another series of dramas hahaha)

I’m the co-author (?!) of the comic and i modified myself so:

DSC09259I still have mancis limbs back then before i amputate myself LOL. 

And that’s it! I modified it bit by bit here and there, and used it everywhere till now! Everywhere in blogs, my Twitter pic, my Facebook profile pic, my lecture notes, my mind maps, my underwears….

End of story.

Yea. So fast.

To make this post less boring i hereby present you the 4 expressions of Miss T!


Once upon a time i purposely learn to draw exaggerated expressions from other comics lor. I so semangat. Heh.

In one of the coming posts i’m gonna blog about the random discoveries i made while i was digging for the 1st comic with Miss T! I found the long buried Treasure Box!  :P