Accept your appearance.

Today i’m going to talk about something very chim called Inner Beauty.


OK no lah.

I just want to talk about appearance.

Was flipping my old drawing files and i found my “self-portrait” back in Form2. The purpose of drawing it is none other than emphasizing my imperfection in terms of appearance. My self-esteem reached the negative scale back then. So for the first time in the history i’m going to display it to the public:

DSC09302 LOL.

People says drawings reflect a person’s personality.

Today i’m blogging about it not just to emphasize on my imperfection. Not just to tell the world i have a big flat nose till i have the urge to go for rhinoplasty surgery (just saying. i will faint on the spot), i have big-small eyes with uneven eyelids, i am forever fluffy as if i’m born so, my teeth are misaligned, my eyebrows are so light they are almost invincible and…….


I just did it again.


Ok so i’m saying everyone have imperfections in terms of appearance! Some people have very minor ones and some unlucky people like me have more BUT viewing the issue from another angle, everyone must have something to be proud of in terms of appearance, too!

So lets not whine on the imperfections, sometimes it can’t be change unless you migrate to Korea now LOL. Lets look at the bright side and be appreciative.

DSC09329Blogger’s hair in real life.

I appreciate my hair, for looking awesomely healthy (i actually don’t realise this until my friends told me so). It has a nice natural inward curl (provided that it is in a good mood. Kai wan xiao, hair also got mood one okay) and some even asked whether i perm/rebond my hair before! I didn’t. Will perm it in the future and hoping it will be equally healthy-looking! Thank you for giving me good hair!

Too fair.

I appreciate my fair skin. I like bright & light-coloured clothings and they look good on fair skin! And i’m thankful because my teenage disaster problem – acne has been solved since Form4. No major outbreak so far. And when i told my friends that i never use a mask before, some of them stared back at disbelieve. There was once my friend asked whether i applied make up lol. The cheeks have natural blush sometimes. So yeah, i appreciate my complexion! Thank you!


I appreciate the fact that i do not have much hair on my leg LOL. I realised how grateful i should feel when i saw a billboard at roadside advertising hair removal treatment. Thank you!


I appreciate my height HAHAHAHA. This is unbelievable. I always like to compare my height, during outings, with people of similar height with me. First it was Sheen Yeen (and i won occasionally hehe). Now it is Xin Di. But she IS taller than me anyway. Saje want to compare who’s wedges/ heels are taller. I appreciate my height because it made me look younger and sometimes i can still buy children ticket instead of adult. Ok lah that was few years back. Mommy say this is the advantage LOL. Thank you!


I appreciate my eyesight because i only have minor short-sightedness and i can go everywhere without specs hehe. I hate wearing specs very very much. And i have no need for contact lens. Thank you!

So ya! Not boasting but this is something we should do as self-affection. Embrace your flaws, be grateful for your characteristics, and be happy! :))


And every human being deserve the right to camwhore #BuayPaixeToTheMax


  1. 哈哈.about the height one very cute la buddy u..

    1. I am fun-sized! not short! :PPPPP

  2. LIKE! damn i envy your lack of leg hair and good eye sight! i'm a hairy bastard lol.

    1. LOLOLOL. Are u hairy??? Sure it is not visible much since i never realize :P


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