I’m in the pre-examination state and already start to think about my post-examination state. I’m a genius which make awesome plan for her bright future ahead wtf.

So here’s the deal.

1. Read all the 500 posts in my blog. This is a boh-liao self-challenge as mentioned in the previous post.tumblr_m5bkfkM14H1qfae89










2. Attend buddy Eunice’s wedding with other buddyline-buddies!

3. Finish up that soon-to-be-20 movies in my laptop. My bad habits of downloading movies and lock ‘em all in the imaginary store room and let them rot in peace. I will watch! with my guiltless soul during the holidays.

4. Do research for DSLR. & Buy. Must Buy. I want Buy. Bo lui.


Nikon D3100 okay?

5. Braces in August! In private clinics, so there i see another thousands of cash note flying away with their wings. Bo lui x2.

6. Go for a overseas trip, be it on vacation purpose or study purpose.. ? Again. Bo lui x3
(P/s: Feel like going Taiwan, almost desperately. Maybe cz the whole family went there last year without me ToT)

7. Think ways to earn money LOL. Wu lui x 0.00001

8. Pray for miracle regarding scholarship. I have no fate with scholarships, partly because i DON’T cheat regarding my parent’s salary. What sorcery is this? Out of 10 scholars out there who claimed that their parents’ income are only RM1000 per month, maybe up to 4 or 5 of them are liars. #truestory. No offence but this is the unfair truth.

9. Preparation for MUNUS project. Tshirt design & give task to members of the bureau like an evil boss. No lar i’m one of the kindest leader ever. *buay paixe-ly act shy*

10. Tidy up the messy Year2 notes and haul ‘em all to le lil-bud Ms Ooi XD (P/s: the XD here ≠ le laughing XD. It’s her initials. Her initials makes a cute expression of a laughing man with turban. –> OXD #randomdiscovery)

11. (The extra one out) Learn Adobe Illustrator so that i can improve on graphic designing! :))


And this was my Post-exam plan for Year 1.

- Group photo? Taken and the next time should be… in Year5? 有头有尾 mar~ :P Instead of DTC, i was thinking of gathering the fanxu gang members for an outdoor photoshoot! Like what i did with my KK girls. And the prerequisite requirement: GOOD CAMERA. I NO HAVE. *okayguy.jpg 
- blog post on my 2nd year as Dental Student? Sabor ye, the next blog post will be it! It had been in draft mode since 1-2 weeks ago :)) Told ya i have the passion, enthusiasm, affection, attention and determination towards blogging, giving my best commitment and fulfil my fullest responsibility blaaaaaa Okay stop.
- Scrapbook? I put it a maybe. Nothing for me to scrap recently D:
- movies? checked.
- Photoshop? Going for Illustrator this time. :D
- Animation programme? (Adobe After Effect) I learnt the basics from tutorial and had forgotten everything. Tremendous fail.
- Formal blouse and skirt? checked. Venturing into something else recently. Girls, their wardrobes are forever hungry.
- Cheong k? I am too lazy to organise another gathering. ==”
- Vacation? Gang takda plan. Mainly due to our versatile academic schedule. Even tsunami is more predictable than it.



P/s: the draft was actually typed last week when i was still guiltlessly hauling my butt here and there in the home like a happy free bird. Until one day a lightning struck me and i went “DAMMIT I GOT NOT ENOUGH TIME ALREADY. PHARMACO IS DAMN TIME CONSUMING”. Then i went into a complete gan-cheong state that i want to hang myself with spaghetti due to all the shameful mistakes and mindset. I’m Rolling in The Guilt now. kthxbai.