Editorial board

Another college activity i’d joined: Editorial Board of KK6 college magazine (whereby i was the ONLY dental student in the whole committee O__O But i love designing so much so i don’t mind anyway :P). My job: DESIGN ;)

psSneak-peak of the pages that i’d designed! :D I can say that they are totally my style. Maybe i’m just too comfortable with this style and go best with it anyway. :)

ps2 And my silly face can actually be found from these pages! Note the only coloured part!

Can’t see?

ps3 This shall give you a better view.

LOLOLOLOL I don’t know how much more boh-liao can i get. HAHAHA :P

karya kreatif 2 copy

One of my favourite template! Cz my cartoon version 友情客串 (guest appearance) :P That’s not the main reason, i was just simply too lazy to dig for more cartoon sketching from the World Wide Web while making this template, thus i very buay-paixe-ly put myself inside. More than 95% of KK6 residents wouldn’t know whaddaheck is that silly girl with amputated limbs (CHOI), anyway. :P (if you still don’t know whaddaheck i’m crapping, just tilt your head to the right by 10°. Tada it is at the right side of my blog background LOL)

What i like about it was, it resemble my blogskin’s style. HAHA. Scroll till the end of this page and you will realise the same eraser was used twice. LOL #recycle.

Recycle is good. One of the template was recycled from what i initially designed for Dental Senior-Freshie Night. Since it was cancelled, better don’t waste my limited inspiration. heh.

And this project have not officially ends anyway. It takes forever OMG. Nevertheless it did not interrupted my life much (in fact, it was sometimes a good stress-reliever after notes-swallowing session). So apa-apa je lah.

Study week progress: (considered as) 3 more subjects to go including Pharmacology. I should have ample time (NO I CAN’T TELL THIS TO MYSELF OR I’LL SLACK. TEE YI TING YOU GOT NO TIME YOU GOT NO TIME YOU GOT NO TIME *brainwash*). Anyway, life goes on. Sleep as usual, eat as usual more than usual, Facebook as usual, watch 非诚勿扰every weekend as usual, Tetris (& lose till lat fu. Lat until underwear also lat wtf.) as usual. Good day people!