DND’12 (ep.2)

Remembered that i said that i will be blogging about Part 2 of Dental Night Dinner? (HAHAHAHA WHO CARES ANYWAY LOL) So here’s part 2: The ban-yeng photoshoot photos LOL.

Buddyline 10/11


The complete buddyline family portrait for Buddyline 10/11! I TOTALLY LOVE THIS! I forgot who said that “Go Photoshop it until it looks like some TVB drama photo” Semacam ini?

2008073007595923317440 Haha i lazy. :P


Another one from my favourite ones! The act-cute version! My cobud Eddy’s expression is epicly priceless HAHAHA :P

9657_3764265479192_732445979_n   The third one!

Fanxu Gang


As posted before, the legendary semi-family portrait that made me resembles a lady boss. My lil buddy Xin Di, at the glance of this photo, went like “Very nice! Very nice! Really very nice leh! Look! Can see your muscle line (LOLOLOLOL)”


The pose as suggested by photographer LOL~ I look extremely constipated as if i had all the excessive input of Penang food for one week and zero output.


Tigers says rwarrrrrr!

Too bad not everyone was present. I have a dream to gather all fanxu member for an outdoor photoshoot someday! Then we can plan the poses and genre (lol) of photos we want instead of deciding at last minute with 10 blank minds.

Anyway, study weeks officially commence today. Or phrasing it differently and more accurately, the stick-at-home-and-gain-fat-instead-of-knowledge-study-weeks starts NOW! Hope i don’t get alopecia after a fortnight. Alopecia AND oedema :P


One of the good morning in study room, accompanied by Microbiology and localised oedema at infraorbital area. Study room is quite a good study environment (provided that it is quiet, no one surrounds you, or even colonise your place and dota for the whole night till the next morning O__O) But i guess i’m just too much of a home-girl. Selangorian & KL-rian can be even more homesick ya know!