Was randomly looking at my own blog profile and realised that my last post was the 499th post!

Which means, this post, is the 500th post!!!

500 blog posts[5]

People have things with numbers. Paktor 1 month want to celebrate, 1 year want to celebrate, 10 years want to celebrate. Birthdays, forever want to celebrate. Then like those magazine, 100th issue want to celebrate, 500th issue want to celebrate. Forever celebration.

LOL dafuq i’m crapping.

Anyway… 500 is something! *die die also must say it is something.* It is pretty amazing that i have been blogging since 2008 (Actual fact: 2007) and have not lost the passion, enthusiasm, affection, attention and determination towards blogging, giving my best commitment and fulfil my fullest responsibility as the owner of ::: Inverted Hourglass::: in spite of all obstacles such as tight schedule and depletion of inspiration…. :’D #wtfsodrama.

Am lazy to tell how this blog has changed with time. Refer this please. It was quite inaccurate anyway because it was written during its 1st birthday. I have a feeling that i wrote similar thing in other post before. On its 2nd, 3rd, 4th birthday? Or 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th post? Whatever. (My blog url was still www.pinkystaycheerful.blogspot.com that time.)

P1090403 Pinky, stay cheerful!


Since my blog url has changed, instead of my pinky, i should interview a pianoforte. Yet i have no piano at home (T.T), only a keyboard that i’m lazy to carry out just to interview it. So, i interviewed Miss T instead.


This is her passport-size photo.

When i asked for an interview regarding her existence for 500 posts in this blog (Actual fact: It existed since i was in Form2), she replied, in a cocky way, that:


“Don’t like this lah, just say a word or two, can? Please? Pretty Please?”

Then she put down her Pathology lecture notes and went:


She did that for around 10 seconds before she went: 


“But…but…,” I begged her with my watery innocent (not) eyes, “or just a picture, please”

Then this cocky nerd agreed and posed:


  “Thankiuuuuuu :D” i shook her amputated hands before she went:



She said she is not gonna comment much because if she starts talking, all the microorganism names & disease name & whole history of pathogenesis & composition of dental thingy etc would be thrown out. And she still need to feed herself with drugs name.

Okay. I forgive you.


Last photo of this blog port written by a pre-psychiatric patient: Little pinky pig bathing in the warm morning sunlight! :)


Ok lah, to summarise what i think about my 500 posts, my blogging style certainly has changed (sometimes even buay tahan with myself when i read my old post). One thing that did not change was i am still as cheong hei as usual. If you asked me whether my English improved over the years due to blogging, it might have casted this effect during the early years, but certainly not now. I have no bombastic words or beautiful descriptions regarding things. My vocab is deteriorating with time. And i use words like wtf in post now HAHAHAHAHA #badgirl. I don’t really meant it okay. Sometimes it is just a term to exaggerate expression like meh, lah, lor, leh, har. #manglish :P

After my finals i’m gonna sit down and read all the 500 posts again. #ChallengeAccepted.

And at the end of the day i might say “ i rather read McCabe!”

P/s: Photoshop expired. It feels like a surgeon took out my intestine and place them back in a wrong direction. I feel… twisted? PHOTOSHOP COME BACK TO MAMA PLEASE :(