2nd Year FTW!

2nd year happenings (Photos talk, me gao emo dowan talk XD):

414662_3394857282523_1602442465_2568503_251246694_o UM BDS Batch 2010/15. Finally got a proper batch photo :P


Coursemates ban leng leng #1: MPIS of KK6. Activity of the Night: Shiok sendiri at an isolated corner of the hall :P


Coursemates ban leng leng #2: Dental Night Dinner (DND) 2012. :D


Countless birthday celebrations among coursemates! Apa apa cake pun sudah makan HAHAHA


The 10 Potatoes of The Year in the notorious Fanxu Gang! Most of the gang photos were taken during our own birthday celebrations :)


Roommates of Year2, Adeline & Jing Shyuan! ft. Domokun & Smurf in The Blankets, yo!

P1230682 copy  Dr Eunice’s convocation :))

buddyBuddyline of 2011/12 session!!!  ❤

xdThe direct little buddy, Miss Xin Di, who was reckoned as my twins by the others (accidentally realised that we actually took quite a number of photos while digging for buddyline photos xD) Orang kata kita orang rupa sama, pattern pun sama. Regarding the pattern, i got no comment, cz people can’t really observe their own way of talking and laughing. But i don’t think she curse as often as me? (LOL). Appearance wise, if i really look like her i can die smiling in utter satisfaction and bliss if a motor comes and bang me now. Choiiiiii. But one thing i was certain: we always (creeeeeeeepily) end up in clothings of similar style or colour without any beforehand planning. GREAT MINDS THINKS ALIKE MAR. :P

P1230647  Dean List for my 1st year. Am not hoping to get one, nay, VIVA DISTINCTION, for this coming exam. Am happily and guiltlessly steady at time of typing this. Sometimes i feel like giving myself a hard slap. Anyone volunteer to be honoured to do this? I SEE SEA OF HANDS.

(P/s: this blog draft was typed in the study week and saved as draft for weeks before it is published after the exam xD)


Someone in this pathetic batch of Year2 students incurred the wrath of Thor, causing him to hit that damn lightning to our dental fac (and then fire then bomba then water then equipment spoilt then fix then wait insurance then lab forever cannot use), which eventually threw us into this situation: Visit to UiTM Shah Alam for lab sessions!

DSC08558 1st completed Prosthetic project: Partial denture. With failed gumwork, senget-ed components, badly-aligned anterior teeth.

DSC08852 2nd completed Prosthetic project: Full denture. With badly-aligned teeth (AGAIN), insecure gumwork resulting in misaligned tooth (Maxillary central incisors resembles Terrence’s dentition after 1-2 months of orthodontic treatment LOL)


Optech projects on different teeth. Amalgam pun lost luster dahhhh.

DSC08941 With other zhapalang models to be submitted. #allaboutoptech


My first ever patience patient. It has ugly and tearing cheeks (I DID NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THIS!), in the progress of dying due to amalgam poisoning, occasionally got chocked by wedges/files/fractured POP pieces/anything responding to gravitational force. Soli lor.


The legendary horrible cheeks LOL

DSC08944 Bye Bye, Cubicle #65!

P1230666 Lab D3. Lab for Pharmaco, Patho, MMB. Spent more than 50% of the time day-dreaming & copying answers ;))


Bag used for my Year 2, prepared to be disposed. I HAD FOUND ITS SUBSTITUTION *smug face*. Sorry for not being a loyal owner, you are just too ugly and shabby to behold. (Bag says: wtf i contributed so much to you altho i shed pink snow all the time I DESERVE A BETTER TREATMENT!)

Picture0013 Be 宅女 alone in hostel room for almost 24/7. Play tetris and lose till lat fu. Curse at the snail internet speed at night. Giggle at ownself for the internet speed in early morning. Collapse damn early, i hardly know what time my roommates sleeps (or even come back from outside!).


Project #1: Head of Publicity of Zoo Volunteer under dental and it only took me 1 or 2 days to fulfil my responsibility LOL.


Project #2: First project in hostel, Head of Publisity of FIS. Buat banyak benda (as described here) which is unexpected awarded with this:




Project #3: Head of Publicity of Avicenna Inter-medical Varsity Debate & Sports. This is the ONLY photo i got from the event LOL. Go kepoh with futsal & debate people on that day. And yes, all Head of Publicity. As mentioned before, i got the Bureau-of-Publicity-face. Did so many posters, i can sleep using them as blanket LOL.


Project #4: Editorial board of Avicenna magazine. Just blogged about it recently. :)

2nd year. A year to be a little wiser. A little more independent. Realise some theories of life. Had the thought of quitting dentistry and become event planner who decorates shopping mall for festive season or events (or wedding planner also can :P). Witnessed even more people who are far more excellent than me. Heard stories about true colours of people. Knew how selfish, kiasu and heartless people can be. Learnt to be numb to feelings. Play less. Maybe only 1 movie per month and 1 cheong k per half-sem. Learnt to make decision.

Last but not least,

Bluetooth Exchange Folder Last day of Year2 finals! Few weeks of constant stress acting on me result in adverse effect on the cereberal cells, thus changing my mentality to 5 years younger. Or maybe 10. Lala act cute & act young pose FTW. wtf wtf wtf. #siaoliao

Ok don’t keep staring at it liao. I also buay tahan with myself. But if you want to observe how bad were my eyebags + dark eyes circles then go ahead. TT u TT

le end!

P/s: need more magic and luck in life! 


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