Lost of inspiration

Hi world!

I had lost my inspiration to blog. As in, to get a good topic and crap on it. I didn’t even blog on my daily life weekly like i used to do (and pretend if anyone genuinely cares HAHAHA). Life is pretty monotonous, in quite a good way actually. Get so used and immune to everything that you no longer want to cry for a redo. Or purposely slack when you got a strict supervisor thinking “aiya i cant pass anyway” cuz it make not much difference in the progress anyway. Or complain of how bored it is to be room alone because sometimes i just drown myself in my movie world and temporary withdraw myself from the reality. Everything became such a norm that everyday seems much predictable. Maybe i’m just practise to be numb to extreme feelings.

Gosh i sounds like a housewife which have been doing the same monotonous housework for the past 30 years. A not desperate one though. lol.


I have been having mild sickness recently. One week after my recovered cough, i got gum inflammation which lead me to my long lost friend, Mr. Fever. Luckily it only last for one night and i start practising my uncontrolled diet once again until my gum got so pain, the pain actually spread to my thymus. Uh-oh. So after taking medication, now i am, reducing + partly refusing to take food that requires aggressive mastication since i can only chew on a single side. Not pathetic lah, anyway. And puh-lease, it is not a diet plan. I dont see any chance of reducing weight by drinking milo everyday and eating things like TWIGGIES. Chocolates FTW! :D

And.. what else.


Jeez am out of idea.

Other things are just some zhapalang things that i rather tweet than blog. XD

So that’s all. Till lightning strike my brain again.