Lady Boss’s 21th~

579341_10150845643917297_737917296_9838555_232060350_nThe 001 roommie Madam Boss Tan Jing Shyuan turning 21!

*since we snapped quite a number of photos, these photos became quite a good material to blog. So here comes the inspiration :D*


Close-up of the cake from Free Mori @ SS2. Although i have not set my footsteps into it before, my friends keep on pronouncing the word “Free Mori” in a very melodious way until it stuck in my brain LOL. It is a new bakery in SS2 and some of my friends said that it was quite expensive. Can’t comment on this till i visit it myself. Cz personally i am willing to spend on a lil pricey BUT yummy bread than those bread overwhelmed with the “supermarket smell”. I don’t even favour Jusco’s La Boheme because… the bread never look much appetizing to me. I would rather spend extra 1 or 2 ringgit on Lavender Bakery (The #1 bakery in my heart! Altho there is a more than 50% probability that i would eat the same red bean cheese bread which i’d fell in love at the first bite. I am quite loyal i suppose). So yea, not to say i’m feeling rich, but diff people prefer to throw their money into different well. :D

526152_10150845639857297_737917296_9838520_1238336335_n My Grilled Chicken Salad for dinner, at Retro Kitchen @ SS2. When it was served, everyone eyed at me like “Walaowe manager, you think you are a rabbit?”. In fact, unlike how the picture might have deceived you, the ratio of chicken : vege is really quite out. Thus at the end of the meal, dammit i really feel like a rabbit wtf

546274_10150845643067297_737917296_9838546_1226859457_n  Rabbit of the Day LOL.

574831_10150845644482297_737917296_9838561_1684400658_nThe lady owner was quite friendly and nice, she even gave Jing Shyuan a free banana split for her birthday! And she played the birthday song for us and snapped our photos too (the reason why i ‘like’ their Facebook page: waiting for stalk our own group pic instead of really liking that place LOL). Nevertheless, the worker’s attitude is like the 180 degree opposite. Unfriendly serving attitude aside, she is cocky enough to IGNORE me when our ice lemon tea accidentally spill on me! Others said that she witnessed the scene, but despite offering a helping hand to clean up the mess, she continued doing her things like a boss. Dafuq.

This is not the first restaurant with good boss and terrible workers. Similar thing has occurred to Strawberry Field Cafe @ PJ. My friends waited for their cabonara for more than 1 hour, and after reminding the waiters for a few times, they sorta ignored us. So we made even more noise until the boss came to apologize to us LOL #customeralwayswins. Then my friend said, all waiters & waitresses should be sent to Murni @ SS2 for training purpose. Their waiters memorise orders better than a Dental student memorise Anatomy. Or in my case, Pharmacology. Or those freaking compositions of freaking dental materials. 

End of complaints, back to story:


D’ Roommates, for another…1 more month?

522791_10150845645017297_737917296_9838566_1284625079_n In her present from us, a formal blouse from Padini :D 

Speaking of choosing blouse, i realised that me and my girlfriends, at least my uni ones, have quite a gap in preference. There were a few times that they showed astonishment at certain clothes that they regard as nice, and i just smile and refrain myself from commenting much because they were just so-so for me, nay, something that i will never throw into my wardrobe. I have fetish towards lacey, girlish, ribbon-ish, & sweet or bright coloured clothing. *Have i just made myself sounds annoyingly bimbo-ly girly?* Other than black, the probability of me purchasing dark coloured clothings esp GREEN (#1 in hate list LOLOLOL) and poop-look-alike brown plain shirts are relatively low. Then i thought, i can’t request clothes as birthday present from my gang cz we have different taste. HAHAHAHAHAHA :P

401719_10150845641517297_737917296_9838535_839895980_n   Potato People Take #1

551013_10150845644412297_737917296_9838560_565354269_n Potato People Take #2


Last but not least, our Pattern King(s). XD