Dental Night Dinner ‘12 (ep.1)

Dental Night Dinner is an annual event of the faculty as a celebration for the final year seniors. This year it was held in Saujana Hotel @ Shah Alam, which, sorry to say, have relatively bad food (lol). I am generally not picky towards food and have quite insensitive taste buds (or maybe my taste buds are just way too kind to foods. Kind like me :P), but the food is really just so-so. The fish is not fresh in the first place, having sweet corns in “shark-fin” soup is weird, the noodle lost its full ability to bounce (lol) and the venison… ok i don’t want to judge the venison since i think i did not tried one before.

And what to do during these dinner? Basically it is dressing up and take photos right. So lets look at the photos and talk less LOL

2nd Years! Since it was not compulsory to attend DND for Year 2 students, group pic ni orang pun tak banyak sangat lah. Only around half of us were around? Haha~
P1250724 The semi-family portrait of Fanxu gang. They made me sit there like some mafia lady boss that trained all my anak buah to do dirty things for me lol wtf. Anyway this was taken at the photoshoot stall at there in charged by one of my senior and we were supposed to get the soft copies of 3 photos taken. Thaaaaaaat’s why, this is only the ep.1 of DND stories because ep.2 will be on those fantastic photos XD Took a set with D’ Potato People and buddyline respectively :D
The photo and moi! Saja la tu.
Even Dental 5 Tigers became Dental 3 Tigers. LOL. So the balloons represents the phantoms of Ming Xiao and Jun Yi. XD
Complete buddyline photo! Well we have better ones taken during the photoshoot, wait till i got the soft copies. ;)
156563_3697769336830_1653291826_2868383_950768438_nMy totally stunningly BEAUTIFUL final year buddy, Bee Chin!!! So pretty that she was quite unrecognisable. Her complexion is super fair and nice :D
154496_10150835090692297_433369562_n My table. Partially is. The seats were rearranged by the committees at last minute to mix races/ years/ staffs & students. But i still sit with my gang so nevermind lah LOL.
538835_3664473224156_1644525603_2796928_822220726_n (1) Me & cobud & our lil buds! I kinda like this pic, don’t know why. Maybe cz i look relatively chio LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (which is rare to be seen)
My direct lil bud & my lil kai-buddies, Yee Wen & Sook Voon! ALL KMK-ians!!! KMK ftw. <3
The unplanned buddy-colours, me & Xin Di in pink, Yee Wen & Xuan Lin in black&yellow. Black & Yellow Black & Yellow Black & Yellow. Ok i shall stop humming this song which i used to misheard the lyrics as “f*king yellow” instead of “Black & Yellow” LOL wtf.
P1250683 Me and Miss Ooi with matching colours (trust me, it is NOT planned. XD) and braids! Ok lah can’t really see the braids here. Initially i plan to do the waterfall braid for her, which is this:
Damn nice right? Her hair is so suitable for it! And after trying for multiple times, my attempt was officially announced dead. So i wanted to do the braid, that i planned to do and already did on my own hair, on her. Then after multiple attempts, i realised:
tumblr_ltcdolA8Cs1qfu4tho1_5002 #truestory
What sorcery is this?
Which means if i ever dropped out from dental school (choi choi choi), i can never be a hairstylist too. HAHA.

Sorry bud. Get me a manikin and i will practise on that. I can’t practise on the dental manikin (or in layman term, the “phantom head” LOL) because it is bald LOL. And then, i will braid your hair during next year’s DND. HAHAHA xD
Terrence, Jing Shyuan, Xuan Lin. Part of Potato Peoples ;)
550375_3664474624191_1644525603_2796930_1372409954_n575139_3697770336855_1653291826_2868386_2001506002_n P1250698P1250688
The other buddies ;D
D’ End!
On the side note, earlier on the day of Dental Night Dinner, i went out to have lunch with Xin Di & Sook Voon. Yee Wen, don’t be jealous! Haha~
Wong Kok & my pinch-able cheeks >o<
It is early in the morning now and why do i wake up early? To STUDY lah right? My arse. I wake up early to study broken English by blogging wtf. Then later i will study tetris to learn 人生大道理 and Moral Studies (Moral of the Game: HAVE DETERMINATION AND DON’T GIVE UP EASILY NO MATTER HOW BIG IS THE OBSTACLE. HAVE FAITH. WTHECK). Say real one, you can deduce 人生大道理 from playing tetris. It is a form of personality test. I will elaborate this next time LOLOLOL.

And Mother of All Gods, please grant me with more luck in lab sessions! Please guide this clumsy pairs of hands to the right pathway in life LOL.