I feel like blogging about many things. But stopped by one or two random things.

I feel like blogging about categories of people i adore and admire. And i’m not in the proper mood to do so.

I feel like blogging about different types of movies and me. Because i have this new hobby of online-movie-marathon. And again, the content can be boring enough since i’m not in the proper mood.

I feel like blogging about how i settle my life when i’m unhappy. How i try to shut myself from people to cool down, how i seek remedy from the songs blasting from my earphone, how i divert my attention to movies, how i get temporary relief from the awful thoughts by sleeping and live my virtual life in dream. And if i blog it, my friends will start saying i’m Emo Queen, i’m small-gas (d’ Chinese saying), i’m weird, i’m unpredictable and attention-seeking, i am simply behaving like a bitch with mood swing (just like how the wi-fi in hostel behaves). FINE. The problem is most people don’t understand the reasons behind my actions. People tend to label others and jump into conclusion they believed is true. When i shut my mouth, it doesn’t mean i’m mad at you, but i’m simply lazy to argue with you further. And it is a prevention of volcano eruption. I can fake my smile to please you, and from the bottom from my heart, i know how ugly it is. When i talk, you guys said something. When i don’t talk, you guys say things, still. So what you want me to do? It can be pretty annoying if you keep blabbering for almost half an hour. Ok i admit i’m having PMS. Or MS. Period.

OK i just BLOGGED about the third item. Dafuq.

My recent posts is getting more personal and emotional that i don’t even bother to share on Facebook. Again, bitch please, don’t go around and spread things like i’m forever emo or whatsoever. Everyone have emotional moments. Both positve and negative ones. It only differs from the method of expression.

I’m no longer actively blogging about happenings in my daily life because it is basically monotonous. I have not been to karaoke for half a semester and my last movie in cinema was more than one month ago.

Life changed. Less opportunities to get high, more moments to ponder.