Study week, when art thou?

My study week was suppose to commence like.. 3 days ago. Nevertheless till date, i have not been doing something which is reckoned as normal for a study week.


Watched Titanic & The Vow online,
and tempted to finish this week’s 非诚勿扰 series D:

Slept all the way back to hometown for Qing Ming during the weekend and slept all the way back to KK again. Pig much.

Yamcha-ed with girlfriends because the ladies have too many stories to be shared. Well we still need social life altho it’s a STUDY week right.

Going for a shopping excursion later. For a purpose. And certainly not a personal purpose. I need new blouse :((

Even at home i’m messing with my PBL report, having tooth selection for my coming project (and cursed in my heart for disposing ALL the carious teeth previously when i need them nao. ==”), and molesting my articulator. Yea, the articulator in lab. It moved in to my home for this week, not because i kia-su ( i basically already su until i got no energy to kia.), but because i’m just… ok we shall not mention about sad thing in lab. lol.

Complaint-time over. Photos up.


Unexpectedly, my Publicity Bureau for FIS got the “Best Publicity Award” among other projects in KK6 for this year. Like, WOW, i didn’t even know this award exist until the project director, Ching Shyan phoned me to collect my trophy and hamper. *overwhelmed*… *OVERWHELMED!* LOL. Really unexpected much because it was my first project in uni (considered so). I must say, most of the credits goes to the project director because she had guided me so much. :’)


Whole body of the heavy trophy, WHICH, i don’t own, anyway. Look for the word “Piala Pusingan”. Gotta return them at the end of the year. So for the moment just let it exert some force on my bookshelves. lol.

And okay i will start conquering my Pharmacology nao.