Mama I Just Killed A Laptop

While typing this post with my PC, i am staring at my laptop beside me. Anxiously. Very gan-cheong-ly. Guiltily. 

Before i explain further on the silly thing i'd done, i must defend for myself first. LOL. My laptop, is certainly misbehaving much recently. Not only the system became real slow, even my youngest bro mocked that my 6-year-old-PC is somehow operating at a faster speed compared to my lappy (esp in term of transferring files). As a patient person (lol), i think this is quite bearable until the laptop got influenced by Transformer and decided to transform into something else: The Lawn Mower.

Whenever i turn on my laptop, the fan will start to produce a sound resembling that of a lawn mower. LOL. I actually suspects that something went into the fan or something. Maybe a random bug or anything (but seriously, which bug is so stupid =.=). It is not a big problem at home because i tend to cover the annoying sound by blasting songs. Heh. Typical ostrich. There's a Chinese line called "鸵鸟心态" to describe people like me :P. Anyway, it IS a problem when i'm in hostel! Because it is certainly not a pleasant thing to do for waking up your roommates with this irritating sound. And quite embarrassing anyway. Haha!

Later, The Lawn Mower transformed into The Iron because at some point, the fan decided to went on strike and my laptop became so hot, i think i can iron my formal blouse with it. Multipurpose laptop eh? New creation of the century. My brothers used to name my old modem as an iron due to the same reason. LOL.

Besides, my arrow-down key got stuck when i hit it. And never raised itself anymore. Come on dude, 你可以有志气一点吗? *faints*. My roommate Adeline reckoned i played too much Tetris and that explained the damage. LOL. But in that case, i think the space bar will fly out first. Damn aggressive in hitting it especially when gan-cheong. Space bar must have been a tough guy enduring all these tortures without breathing a word. I love you, space bar!

And NOW, the noob me am trying to reformat my laptop before sending the laptop for fan and button repair. I have 0 experience in doing it. And ended up that my laptop went into the coma state. My heart skipped a beat. Or two. Or straight away get myocardiac infarction LOL.

Performing CPR to my laptop while blogging this. I SEE THE LIGHT OF HOPE. OMIGOSH. *drastic mood change since the beginning of the post*


Mama maybe i did not kill a laptop anyway. *finger crossed*


  1. Hahaha!!! Like got raped by me LOLOLOL but fear not, i rescued it. And it is back from repairing. Everything is back to normal, if not, even better! XD


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