I think imma good girl.

You know sometimes, i really think i’m a good girl. A typical Chinese-school obedient girl with conservative mind. To some extend that i might be reckon as a nerd. But i don’t mind because it is the real me and i don’t have to change because i’m comfortable in this shell.

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I don’t spit foul words to people even though i’m mad. As in, face to face. The most i go would be KANASAI! (and i use it all the time. So my treshold is actually quite low anyway.) And i yelled “SEI POKAI” to my friend when they disturbed me deliberately (I don’t know which of them is ruder, please help me to rank them. lol. ) However, it was certain that i had never screamed “F*CK YOU” in anyone’s face, and feel annoyed when people overused it in their conversation. This, is SO UNCOOL. Nevertheless my frequency of cursing with words increased insidiously with time. Sooner you might see my Tweeter filled with the word wtf or DAFUQ or FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU.jpg (which all brings the same meaning) instead of WTH. lol. I’m rude literally. Heh.

I am 21-to-be now, have not been to clubbing before, AND unlike typical teens, i have absolutely no urge to set my feet into those place.


Clubbing. This clubbing. LOL #ADentalStudentDrownInPathologyWhilePreparingForExam
Okay you can ignore me.

Got even more mentally traumatized when i heard descriptions regarding it from my friends. Seriously, i can’t picture myself getting real high and wasted thanks to those alcohols, and started making out with random stranger like some slutty bitch. And on the next day, having shitty hangover, unable to recall wtheck have i done in the club. Or worse, if you unintentionally make out with one of your guy friend and gotta act cool like nothing happened on the next day.



I mean, sometimes when you get really high and started to lose control and when you went beyond that level, god knows what will happen to you. *shivers* Yes i have not been to those places before, some of my friends believed that i wont favour those place *nod head hard*, some of my friends think that i should at least try once to experience the atmosphere. Walao. One of my bestfriend is going to invite me to one. Dilemma much.

I rather go cheong k to get high.


Serious. Don’t laugh please. I know you can’t resist to laugh. Okay you may laugh at me now. ==”

And i am unsure whether my perception towards love is too conservative or the world is changing. If i’m into someone, i will be really into it. It will not be just a fling. I will be committed instead of just want to have fun. People enjoy being single because they love to have flings with multiple person at once without much responsibility. They want to enjoy the courtship. I, just need a companion who understand the deepest part of my heart. And that’s all.


And i am so nerd that i actually don’t gamble. Even during Chinese New Year. I just, don’t gamble. Which is not a norm in this society. The probability of a teen that don’t gamble is lower than the probability of people that dislike sushi and like Zhu-Jiao-Chu (猪脚醋. Pork leg in vinegar). I used to think that the latter case is like 0.1% of Malaysian population LOLOLOLOLOL.

I don’t even go gaga over branded clothes. Or phrasing it differently, i don’t even have orgasm when i see branded shops on crazy sales and everyone dashes in as if it is the oasis in Sahara desert. lol wtf am i talking. Well you get the idea. I might go in and flip all the clothes and ended up with empty hands still. Feeling kiam. XD


I don’t smoke. DUHHHHH THIS IS NORMAL. I don’t take alcohol? Nothing more than Shandy lol. I think beer tasted awful. For real. But if i have chance i would really like to try out other alcoholic drink PROVIDED IT IS NOT BITTER LOL CZ I THINK CALSBERG TASTE LIKE CRAP BECAUSE IT IS BITTER LOLOLOLOL. If one day i started taking beer when i emo, i must be giving myself a second round of torture instead of relieving the mental pain LOL.

That’s why is either i’m a sibeh good girl or sibeh nerd girl or sibeh weird girl.

*my god have i just talk like an uncle just now*

What say you?