eff the authorities.

Just done with my mid-sem exam and finally got the time to blog. How did i performed for exam? Nah, same old story. Freaking creative answers given for Pathology OSPE test. And emo afterwards when i found the EXACT figure online. SAQ questions for Community Dentistry was 100% SAME with last year. And i couldn’t find that past year paper of mine! fml.


It is over. Just a mid-sem exam and i had already burnt half of my brain cells. Wonder will i get a complete liquefactive necrosis of my brain cells during finals, with everything from Sem1+Sem2, more than 4 subjects, and INTEGRATED. I can puke cereal like the cereal guy at the thought of this.

Anyway and anyway,

The purpose of this blog post is none other than complaining about the AUTHORITIES of my residential college. My wrath has been incurred to almost maximum when the event occurred, but as a logical and rational person (lol), when i sat down and pondered like Newton, i realised i’m the wrong party actually. LOLOLOL WHADAHECK I’M SO GUAI. Fine. It was my fault of bringing electrical appliances illegally, but isn’t your management for this problem a bit too illogical and irrational?

And there are far more ridiculous thing happened here.

1) Skirt issue.

The first issue that pissed me off since the beginning of this academic year. All skirts, must be covering the knee while standing. What if you don’t? They will catch you when you wanted to start your day happily with a happy breakfast, aim their camera phone AT YOUR SKIRT and snap a picture. wtf. Although it was done by a lady but wouldn’t you feel offensive when people stare and capture your leg from near distance? It feels PEEPED! And wtf is wrong with the 5 cm difference of skirt ABOVE & BELOW knee? BITCH PLEASE, PEOPLE WONT GET RAPED JUST DUE TO THAT 5CM DIFFERENCE. If the skirt is exposing half of your sexy bouncy juicy thighs, FINE. That is a lil inappropriate in a local U (which frankly speaking, i believe it is fine as well as it is not near to exposing my butt!). But THIS? Please enlighten me on this!

Untitled-1 copy

2) Pants issue.
Similarly, short pants, especially for GIRLS, is an issue. Although i have been sneaking out in shorts forever and always, it was told that as as well as you are in the college compound, except for your own room, you are not allowed to wear shorts. Even if you need to walk that 10m just to get the hell out of college to a Pasar Malam. No. Recently, i even heard that the authorities were so damn free, they actually sorta hide at some place and catch anyone who pass by with shorts. My god. Get a life weih. Don’t i have the right to dress as i favour when i’m OUTSIDE?

3) Electrical appliance issue.
Which, just happened to me recently and ignited that fire in me during the (un)peaceful study week. Pfft. For every appliance we want to bring, there is a freaking maximum limit of watt. For example, 9 watt for a table lamp and 30 watt for a table fan. AND, you are suppose to register them at the office and PAY. What if you don't? Again, they will come and spotcheck during your most pekcek moment i.e. study week. And what if none of your roommates are around? They will give you this look:


Yes, they will come into your room, certainly WITHOUT your permission, and swipe every single illegal thing away like a tsunami, and give you an Informal-Donation-Form to remind you, Babes, time to donate some $$ to your college. RM50 PER ITEM. And according to rumours, they even open up your wardrobe to check whether you hide anything in there! And you can’t sue them because IT IS PART OF THE RULE. INTRUDER DENGAN IZIN. If you have a missing bra after they intruded your room like a boss, you can’t say anything still.


I understand that they try to control the usage of electricity of student. But my darling IKEA lamp did not face any issue when i was in matrics nor KK2! SO WHY? Will that few extra watt burn my room down into ashes? You just killed my best companion during countless mornings. I hate you.

3) Food issue.
Needless to say, this is one of the item which students’ satisfaction level is lowest. There was once, they stopped the service for 2 weeks. There was another-once, they have no chicken supply (kononnya) for a period of time. And soon to be, they are going to stop their service, forever and ever. LOL. For me it was still okay to eat 3 or 4 times of sardine-in-tin per week (seriously, sardine overdose.) But for some people, they would have started cursing the whole sardine fish generation. Dear all the Grandpa Grandma Mommy Daddy Daughter Son Sardinesssssss in the beautiful sea, i feel so sorry for you. For sacrificing yourselves for the discontented students here. May you all rest in peace in my gaster. Amitabha.


4) Wifi
Wifi speed, particularly in the rooms, is so slow, sometimes you can sit there for an hour, keep refreshing and can’t see a thing except that annoying “Unable to Connect to the Internet” thingy. At least for determined but a bit brainless internet user like me. LOL. So ever since, i decided to wake up even earlier to online because the line was even smoother than the baby butt. AND NOW, THEY DON’T ALLOW ME TO USE MY IKEA LAMP ANYMORE. Aku emo.

Basic RGB


And after all complaints,

I just want to say,


i still planned to stay in college for another year. Whadda?


When we don’t get placement in college, we complain. After we get placement and get bounded with rules, we complain. Malaysian suka complain sangat kan?


P/s: Examination is a good platform to train blow-water skill. Look how cheong hei i am in this post. LOL. Roommate say i type essay :P