The reason why… (updated vers.)

The reason why i have not been blogging for so long.

Is because.

I’m lack of blogging material.



19th March. Went for buffet dinner @ Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant. Birthday celebration for the March babies of D’Gang, Keng Siang and Xuan Lin!!! We did the same thing last year, so lets make it a tradition to pay Yuen an annual visit. HAHAHA. The only thing was, we didn’t go for cheong-k till late night like last year. Sudah tua, sistem tak berfungsi baik dah, sikit sikit sudah tired like hell LOLOLOLOLOL.  Photos in Hoon’s iPhone4s which cannot be bluetooth-ed so no photo.. >o<~

22th March. Went for Baktisiswa Charity Concert organised by the medic people at my new faculty building. With the only purpose of supporting my lil bud Xin Di who was performing! She did ballet solo and her champion-cultural-dance with her teammates from KK2. Impressive indeed! The cultural dance was much more awesome if you watch it live instead of video recordings. :D I’m proud of my buddy! Is like my own little sister which is so talented. #proudface Took some photo with her but they were in my another lil bud’s DSLR so ya, no photo, again~

25th March. Went to DTC to watch the FESENI choir competition because i jelly as KK6 did not send a choir team for this year due to insufficient members if not i would be up there singing sob sob sob. LOL. Was there to support my hubby, Sheen Yeen from KK8! I’m such a good wife! You gotta love me moreeeeeeeee XD Took photo with her with her phone so CHEW SHEEN YEEN Y U NO UPLOAD? Also supporting my coursemates including my lil bud Florence and kaibud Yee Wen who performed for KK1. And they won the 2nd place! And i must admit that their performance was real good. Ahhhhhhh i kinda miss singing choir, you know. When one of the team sang Digarhayu Tanah Airku, Sheen Yeen, from the back of the hall, texted me, who was at the front of the hall, “ I MISS THIS SONG! OMG!” Oh, high school days!

Updated: Miss Chew finally uploaded photo so here is the photo :P


Hubby and me! :P And to tell the truth, altho with make-up, you still look like xiao hai zi (relatively) on stage. Shoooooo kiut & sweet :P

29March. Went to KPS to watch Da-Yao Concert which is under the Chinese Society of UM. A night with performances such as dancing and singing (of songs written by students). As usual, went there to support people lah! :P Some of my talented coursemates were involved in dancing. We ain’t nerds. LOL.

And this time, FINALLY SOMETHING WITH PHOTO, MAN. *tears of joy*


Some of the dentalians and the dentalian performers! :)


Xuan Lin, YawYaw and Mee Poh dancing! PanPan was involved too but she went back earlier after the show ends. Good job, everyone! :)


Bud! Not butt XD

2 more weeks till exam! I shall shoo~ So be right back, people! :)

P/s: People with mask on him/her all the time, or worse, people with double personality, is creepy indeed. You wouldn’t know how eerie it was until one day, you realised that all these while you thought that you are with a trustable person, when the person actually create lies and stories and you are ignorant enough to swallow ‘em all. Why? No one knows. Everything remained as mystery. It sends tingling sensation down your spine. Who are you, actually?