P/s: Gan Cheong = panic in Cantonese.

Has been quite a bad week. A week that made me (seriously) doubted whether i’m suitable for Dentistry. You know, i might be good in studying but is never excellent with my hands. Even my sewing projects, which i’d done in my 4-months-holiday, strictly speaking, were not very neat actually. They are cute because their size is cute. LOL.

And i’m swaying away from the topic.

Oh well, where are we.. oh ya, HANDS. Yes, i’m never good with my hands. I can’t even operate properly with the aid of mouth mirror. And as result, deng deng deng, i hereby announce one the most kua-cheong thing ever: Redo a project for 6 times. On 6 freaking teeth. 6 FREAKING UPPER MOLARS. *faint* People can finish it in less than 1 session just on a single tooth and i have to repeat for so many times (and the 6th tooth is actually a boderline case anyway). If i’m able to correct myself, fine, redo will be a bless. Like seriously. But i don’t see much improvement in my handskill and most importantly, my FEAR. Godamit. I will be doing this for the rest of my career like and i’m having phobia towards it? So, so, soooo much of frustration and disappointment towards myself. I had mentioned in my previous post that i have to be brave, independent and strong. And this week, i went against my aim. What’s amiss?

Its not that i am so gan cheong because i want to be in the circle of god-like people who can finish their projects in amazingly short time with jaw-dropping skills. It is because i was so damn delayed compared to the others, and you started wondering this dentistry thing is not your thing, you should have go get married with a rich ah-pek, kill him and get his money. LOL. Or more practically, i should have follow my heart to do artistic thing like advertising since i have the Publicity-Bureau-Face. LOLOL. Or become a kindergarten teacher since i love kids so much. LOLOLOL. I even asked Terrence to consider of changing his future clinical partner since i will bring him troubles. LOLOLOLOLOLOL x ∞.

Anyway, am slowly catching up! *chest up, chin up, stare into the distance with frowned eyebrows, feeling sibeh motivational LOL*

Bad thing will be over. Quote Pei Sang, my neighbour in my island in Opetch lab who is always been tortured by my negative-thoughts-inspired-naggings-and-harpings (I’m truly annoying :P): “ 人生跌倒谷底时,是会反弹的!”. So now get a pair of spring-shoe for me, i want to 反弹 like how John Carter jump on Mars. Heeeeee.

Speaking of John Carter,


Went to watch it with my ex roommies, Nadia & Amy during our very first (ex)roommate outing! Haha! Like finally….since last academic year until now! :P Quite a nice movie, front part was a bit bored but became progressively interesting. :D Went to Spaghetti Grill for our dinner and was SERIOUSLY bloated :O

2012-03-16 19.01.32

I shy shy. Pui.

2012-03-16 19.31.34 (1)

(A)my, (N)adia, (T)ing. The legendary A.N.T, which explains why our old room last time was colonised by ants. LOLLLLLLLLLL.

Started to have new project in hand: Avicenna magazine (magazine of 6th Residential College). Am a member in Bureau of Illustration&Graphics so i would be doing quite a number of designing and i’m kinda LOVING it! :D I should change course lolololololol. :P

Again, unlucky stuffs will be over! At least i’m persuading myself to believe. One person can’t be so suay forever. I’m a good kid, right? Praying for a better week ahead. :D