Buddy Outing @ Hartz

Went to Hartz Chicken Buffet @ Sunway Pyramid on the 1st day of March with my buddies. Was extremely hungry when i reached (because i skipped my lunch so that i have more capacity for the buffet dinner. WTHeck. Cheapo Aunty-ism :P) so i went for the FOOD first before continue playing with Wen Thong’s DSLR. So, no photo of food! I WAS AS HUNGRY AS A VAMPIRE WHICH HAVE NOT SUCK BLOOD FOR A YEAR. Pfft.

And i’m extremely grumpy when i’m hungry. I can repeat the line “I’m hungryyyyyyyy” once in every 5 minutes like a stuck CD. Gah, i must be annoying much.

Anyway speaking of the food, we bought the coupons from Groupon.my with RM18+ per person (and treated by my final year buddy, Bee Chin. Yayyyyyy <3) The original price was RM32+ per person (if not mistaken) and i personally think that it actually only worth what we’d paid, which is RM18, instead of its ori price. The variety was quite limited and not exactly a CHICKEN buffet anyway since i expected much more variety of the cooking styles of chicken. Nevertheless overall the taste was okay, the taste of both fried and roasted chicken was quite satisfactory for me, and i was in love with the….. nuggets. Of all things, i chose the least nutritious thing called nuggets. HAHA I HAVE THE MENTALITY OF A 10-YEAR-OLD. lol.


BUDDIES!<3 From left, Edward, Bee Chin, Wen Thong, Shir Inn, Xin Di, Wil Liam, me!


D’ Family Portrait. Normally the elder people gets to sit and the younger people should be standing, right? RIGHT?????? Tehee i’m young. TEHEE. 


With my 2 lil buddies~


Which includes my twin sister, Miss Ooi Xin Di. LOLOLOLOL. Cz whole world is saying that we look similar. So now you say, do we look similar? :P *purposely strain my fronto-occipital muscle and levator pulpulary superioris muscle so that my eyes look as big as hers. Btw i’m typing the muscle names without reference. Trying to recall my memories in Year1. Any Year1 junior which is reading this, kindly open your Snell or Netter to get the facts right. lol.*

My heart tells me that i’m giving a wrong muscle name and placing myself in an awkward condition. But i have no Snell or Netter with me now and is too lazy to Google search. Well, i’m not Anat Queen this year, afterall. =.=


Me and my twins lil bud again, which happened to dress in similar style: shirt + skirt + cardigan + wedges. It was not planned! And both of us almost forgot that we actually bought skirt to UM anyway. HAHA. During last buddy outing, we coincidently wore pink plain tops too! Confirm 心灵相通 lolololololololololol XD


My dear big buddy, Shir Inn! <3

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Masterpiece with WenThong’s DSLR. I need one naooooo!

Anyway, for UM students who have not realise this:


That’s the deal! RM11.60 (after tax) per set after 67% discount from Bubba Gump. Anyway there’re only 3 things to be chosen from the list. I ordered Fish & Chips and it had successfully transformed me from a starving monster to a bloated pregnant women. LOL. The crispy part of the fish was a lil too thick and require more exercise from masticatory muscles. I saja want to go because i’d never tried Bubba Gump before. :P

On depressing side,