Being Independent.

Before i start the real thing, let me tell you a story of a noob. So this noob which is obsessive towards her laptop, went home, with less than 10% of battery left in her laptop, without the adapter. And she spent her weekend wisely by study more and online less. Cz she is very angelic and decided not to conquer her PC for the whole time or her brothers will come chopping her with whatever weapon they have in dota. Or whatever.

Case close.

Ok i’m lack of the ability to tell story in a proper way.

And the noob, is obviously me.



Yeap, being independent.

I’m actually a VERY DEPENDENT person. I am afraid to go to foreign places alone, or face a hardship alone. In every phase of life, i always have companion around me. I have few girlfriends who accompanied me from primary school to secondary school, including Peh Ge who later went to matriculation with me, and at there i met Adeline and Xuan Lin who happened to be my coursemates now.

When i need to settle things alone, i tend to procrastinate and look for companion before i throw myself into the situation. That’s why i dragged so long in looking for job during my 4-months-break, and eventually ended up with jobs that i’m not foreign with (one is with my friend’s mom whom i knew, one is my old working place during my post-SPM days). I don’t have the gut to place myself in a new environment if no one is there for me. I’m afraid to drive alone. Asking me to perform ALONE on stage would probably make me pee in my pants. #truestory. Well, literally. I can even be reluctant to make a phone call to someone i have not spoken before, approach stranger to get things settled, etc.

I am real timid and coward. Like chicken. LOL.

And i know i need to dig the courage out of myself. To be more independent, act like a young lady instead of a sheltered flower. I am 21 now, although not officially, and i should act like one.

So i started to hail some problems back to myself and i shall settle them. One by one. Top in the list would be my orthodontic problem. Seriously, before i study dentistry, i don’t really care about my hideous Class II dentition. Cuz i believe that fixing it won’t turn me into some gorgeous babe anyway. And i still believe it now. LOL. Fixing it is more for a proper and persuasive presentation or image of myself as a dentist in future. Sorta. You know those hot chicks which are real pretty with breath-taking make up-s, electrifying eyes, long sexy lashes, perfectly curved brows, pretty nose, pouty lips, perfect smile, so slim and curvy that all clothes looks nice on them, etc… I will never be one. NEVERRRRR. Which is why i don’t have the urge to get this done until now. And maybe, i was a lil too late and this delay closed down a few options for me. Well well…

I have many things in my to-do list but i’m ALWAYS dragging them. Life is short. Time don’t wait for us. Procrastination does nothing good.

I gotta be stronger. Mentally. Maybe physically (but the bending-wire season ends for the moment so keep this for next time LOL)

And in case anyone who is scrolling hard for a photo in this post (i do this when i am reading blog LOL. what a a disrespect to bloggers who sweat their glands out to come out with all these paragraphs of craps LOL):


My first denture in my life as a dental student. Or more appropriately, the first denture i made (can’t possibly the first denture i wear right ==”)


After months of constant stimulation of sympathetic system during prosthetic classes! LOLOLOLOL. And a masterpiece, no matter how cacat it was, it still meant something to you. *wipe off imaginary tears at cheeks*

I forgot what else i wanted to blog initially. A weekend without laptop made all the thoughts disappeared into thin air. lol. fine lets settle with this. :P


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