Poco Homemade Zakka & Kitchen @ Sunway Giza


A Japanese restaurant which me and my coursemates randomly visited in conjunction of Joyce and Huai Ying’s birthdays when we were suddenly gifted with free periods. This is call the sweetness before bitterness. 先甜后苦. Give us some free time to siao all we want before we get real siao for spending our Saturdays and holidays on projects, projects and MORE projects in our darling dental lab. Oh great. LOL.


Spontaneously-planned outing which turned out to be a semi-coursemates outing because only 8 person were absent. Attendance was more than 75%. LOL! *press calculator*

And friends who know me sure know that i don’t eat Japanese food. Fear not, i had my lunch before i went there. :P And i don’t dislike ALL Japanese food lah. Maybe just.. stuffs with seaweeds and uncooked food. And things like….cold noodle. It tasted like the noodles which a mom cooked at 5am and left on the table when the child woke up at 10am. Eee~ :P


Deco on the table.

One thing i like about Poco was definitely….. it’s design & decoration! That explains my slight fetish towards restaurants like Fullhouse, i reckon. It made people with noob camera want to snap photo. XD


Many amigurumi !!! <3


More than just a restaurant. :))

And of course, my phone’s camera was not doing a favour to the atmosphere of this restaurant since the light was quite dim and that’s the killer point to my cam. DAMN. Anyway i found better photos here: http://ahteekitchen.blogspot.com/2012/02/poco-zakka-kitchen.html 

The need to DSLR strikes again. LOL.



Forgot to introduce my BOYFRIEND to everyone: my phantom head in dental lab. =o=” Actually, we are in some sort of complicated relationship because i want to start touching him (?!) as soon as possible (?!?!) but i’m sure i will hate him afterwards. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA xD

On random side:


Before putting double eyelid sticker. Right eye is OBVIOUSLY smaller than left eye. Monolid on right  and double-lid on left. Cells responsible for double-lid formation must be sesat on the way it migrates to my right eye. =.=


After putting double eyelid sticker.


I don’t have better thing to do and i have too many eyelid sticker which, obviously, i don’t use during normal days. Oh, when hiao-ness strikes. ><”