MPIS 2012

MPIS = Majlis Penganugerahan Ibnu Sina = college dinner of my new residential college, 6th Residential College. And it cost us RM120 (whereby RM100 is already included in our fees). WTHeck. So no matter how lazy i was, how much i hate to rush back from class, rush to the toilet (thank God i didn’t slip ==”), rush to prepare myself and mess around until i almost throw my wardrobe and bed and table upside down (well, literally), I gotta go for it. LOL. I’m very cash-concerned recently because i just went for a random buffet Cheong-K at Red Box The Gardens which ended up as the most expensive K i ever had in my entire life. At least up to 20 years and 2 months since i started breathing. Nevertheless it was SO RANDOM and VERY SATISFYING indeed because there were only 3 of us (me, Terrence, Yaw Yaw) and ngam ngam 3 mics. So actually you have no reason to stop singing for that 4 hours and at the same time, i pity my poor digestive system. It cannot function optimally when this siao poh owner of it sang and screamed after every bites. Thank god no chicken or potato or cheese or fish or prawn or ice-cream dropped into my trachea. I hereby show my deepest and most sincere appreciation to my……epiglottis. LOL.

Okay i’m diverting away from the topic.


Frankly speaking, it didn’t concern me much, anyway. All i did was eat, photo, eat, photo and more photos. Last year during MATB II (college dinner of 2nd Residential College), although i was very low-profile (serious, i didn’t social much with college people besides my coursemates LOL), i went on stage for academic award nominated by my friends. This year in 6th College, things were more revolved around medic students since this is a clinical college. So being even MORE low profile (still, i don’t social much, maybe don’t social at all, with other people besides my own coursemates exp for those i’ve known previously in KMK or 2nd college. LOLOLOLOLOL. anti-social much.), this dinner lagi lah didn’t concern me. HAHAHAHA.

Enough of craps, photo spamming time:


2nd Year Dentalians in 6th Residential College! :D


Dental 5 Tigers’ 明星照. LOL. They said it was my fault for their popularity has dropped because no one clamoured to take photo with them like artists. But would you blame Justin Bieber or his manager if all his Bieliebers no longer worship him like now? Logic right!

What i can say is….

You gotta be low-profile in new environment, man. :P

396239_10150628964210513_815850512_9218730_1904451978_n copy

Me the unpaid manager and the expired artists under me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Zaman Kegemilangan sudah overrrrrrr~ XD

403089_10150628961005513_815850512_9218687_1396924468_n copy-1

My totally pretty and stunning roommates in G43!!!! That’s Adeline in green and Jing Shyuan in black. :D


AND not forgetting my adorable EX roommates! Inhabitants of A212 of 2nd Residential College in 2010/11 which migrated to opposite side of the road and started camping in 6th Residential College ever since. Nadia on the left and Amy on the right! And the best part? Kita orang sama pendekkkk XD


During MATB II and during MPIS. Roommates forever! Hahaha~


My 3rd year buddy, Shir Inn jie jie~ <3 (I just love to call her like this. shir inn jie jie shir inn jie jie XD) And one good thing in this photo was i don’t look THAAAAAT short standing beside her this time! Haha! Thank you, wedges. :P


Jing Shyuan’s flower from Kent which end up as our props for photo-taking because it was so lovely and adorable. And extremely sweet! So to continue the sweetness, allow me to spam some sweet-sweet photos:


Sweet-sweet 1: My ex-roomie Amy & Jun Yi


Sweet-sweet 2: My current roommie Adeline & my biggest enemy in past life, this life, and perhaps next life, Ming Xiao.


Extreme sweet-sweet 3: My another current roommie, Jing Shyuan and Kent AND THEIR PROPOSAL. FUIYO! SWEET TO THE MAX! Although is just for photo-taking purpose but one day this will really become true :D


Me and the Focus of The Night: the flowers! And being photoboomed by the couple behind me. XD


My 2 roommates look sooooooo pretty here and i have to post it. :D


Too bored of waiting for food? Sneak out to the toilet to camwhore. HAHA. That’s the best thing when your table is at one pathetic corner of the hall AND near the exit door. Not pathetic anyway. You tend to ‘live in your own world’ and do whatever you want like no one cares. XD


More and more sneaked out to camwhore! Hahahaha! 4 girls of our table. First we took it at some distance from the mirror, then Adeline said “Okay.. now大家保持住这个pose, 慢慢前进...” *move to front like a tetracycline in linkage with small steps like mouse* LOLOLOLOLOL!


This fella ate 3 to 4 bowls of fried rice! Because the others were so bloated at the end and have no more space for it. Salute! XD

Last but not least, the lipstick-advertisement photo of me and Terrence. LOL. Not sick of doing the same pose over and over again. Don’t believe? See this:


This year.


Last year.

Pouty lips rocks HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

Can continue to do this until our final year then compile it. Extreme wu-liao ness. Hahahaha!

After that the night ended and we were back in college with spoilt plugs. WTH. Wan to charge my phone oso kenot. ==”

BTW back to my cheong-K issue, i saw XiaXue! Active bloggers which read blogs actively would certainly know who she is. Recognised her PINK hair when she was taking the food and when i tried to look at her face, CONFIRM IS SHE. Later from Twitter i knew that she came to KL from S’pore with QiuQiu to find Cheesie and they were here ktv-ing that time. DOUBLE CONFIRM. Just a random discovery, i’m not a super fans anyway. Although i salute the way XiaXue blogs (freaking straight forward. Ignore the foul wordSSSSSS), she talk bad about Adele in her recent post and i buay song because Adele IS MY IDOL. >:o