Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

…and everything i’m going to talk about in this post under this title, is NOT related to Valentine’s Day, AT ALL.

HAHAHAHAHAHA *cheat people*

So one day before Valentine’s Day, me and my batchmates went for our coursemates gathering / reunion dinner @ New Paris SS2. Thanks to the organiser, our blur queen Mee Poh for her effort! :D

Next is photo spamming time because i’m feeling so sleepy when i was typing this. And i just had my 2 hours nap. Damn, haven’t switch back from my holiday-metabolism. :O


My table!!


The dishes~


Birthday cake to celebrate the birthday(SSSSSSSS) from Nov 2011 to April 2012. Half 20-yr-olds and half 21-yr-olds. And there goes almost half of the coursemates. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Better still, celebrate everyone’s birthday in one shoot lah. Kill 34 birds with one stone. LOL.


Our birthday cake! :D


Every major outing like such came in a package with group-photo-taking. LOL. So this is the group photo! Imitating new pose learnt from…..someone. Ahem. XD


Later on, the Potato Peoples, or in layman term, Fanxu gang (WTH ==”), went to Pitstop for 2nd round! This was when we were waiting for Kent’s final touch to K.O.! Seriously, looking at people playing Jenka was more gan cheong than anticipating for our Pharmacology exam result during lecture in this morning. LOLOLOLOLOL.


Happy Birthday to our leng lui Ah Hoon Poh!!! (when you come to uni, you get all sorts of weird nickname. This is hers. Hahaha!)

Talking about nickname, i bet anyone’s variety in nicknames can beat mine. From “manager”, it was mutated into “minaga” or zao yam into “many-ger”. Then the sarcastically-DamnTrue nicknames called “Fei Po Mei Nv” (肥婆美女)(Fatty Beauty) came in. 1st part is damn true, 2nd part is sarcastic, overall it made you totally SPEECHLESS and EMBARASSING. And just yesterday, that sozai Yong Ming Xiao start to annoy me by calling me 沈佳仪 (whoever who watched 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 before will understand this). Sorry, i don’t mean to drop the perfect image of Michell 陈妍希. Obviously i have zero resemblance with this super adorable and sweet actress. Mother of God. ==”


Our 2nd cake of the day! LOVE IT! <3


Last but not least, the family portrait of Fanxu Gang in complete 10. Lots of Loves! <3

By the way, relating back to the title of this post,


i didn’t really celebrate any Valentine’s Day before. I know my last relationship commence on this day but that was not an celebration anyway. HAHAHA! #ForeverAlone


P/s: Not only couples are happy on this day, shops and restaurants also damn happy one. Rob couples’ money once in a year without being hated and complained much! Everyone who is bathing in this River of Love can be robbed in utter willingness. XD