Friends,they come and go.

First of all, i have NO major friendship problem. Don’t be shocked at the title and thought i had become #ForeverAlone (like, for real. me no fren.) I have amazing friends in different phases of life and i appreciate them much. For example, during my birthday, i had received many unexpected presents and SURPRISE (specially planned to make my mood meter to go from –100 to +100. LOL. And they claimed that not everyone have this “special treatment” so i have to be grateful. XDDDD). Like i’d mentioned before, it is not about the value of the present, i won’t die without an extra birthday card or plushie. BUT what matter the most is the meaning behind, that someone actually thought of doing something for your big day, I think this is so sweet!
So, back to the title. Friend, they come and go.
We know a lot of people as we grown up. Some are just Hi-Bye friends, some turned out to be our best friends. But even the term “best friend” can’t be used to label everyone that you think is your best friend. Everyone will grow up, get into different study environments, have different circle of friends, etc. If you have a best friend, whom you might only see once in a few months or even years, but always support you mentally and be there for you when you are down, that’s the best. BUT will all of your so-called “best friends” turned into this type of “best friend forever”?
Do you remember your best friend during Standard 1? Perhaps you have even forgotten how he or she looks like if not thanks to Facebook. Do you remember any stranger whom you MSN-chatted frequently, sharing own stories and feeling close to that person? Perhaps you don’t even bother to sign in your MSN account anymore (like me. XD). Or maybe just a old classmate, which, one day, randomly chatted with you and it lasted for months and you felt so attached to the person, then whenever you online, you just wait for this friend to online and chat and chat and chat and thought “we chatted so much everytime we are online, we are best, if not, close friends!”
Then one day your friend start dating, or you have some hell exam, or your modem got struck by lightning and you can’t afford to buy a new one blah blah blah, you are not online for months. Or you just don’t feel like wasting one whole freaking night facing that single chatting window, knocking on your keyboard for million times just to maintain a friendship with someone, that perhaps, you only saw once or twice in real life (or worst, never see before). And then you both start losing the i-want-to-share-my-daily-story-with-you-because-we-are-best-friend feeling, and there goes one of your “best friend”. No matter how many secrets or stories you shared with the person before, it all came back to zero.
Fragile. Cyber friendship, like cyber relationship, to me, is fragile.
We have our own life and our precious time, supposedly, should be spent to perform our daily task instead of the cyberworld. Yes, i am Facebook Queen (kononnya) but sometimes i’m actually beside my laptop doing something else.  Oh i actually have a life. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
Speaking of life, i’m going to be back to my REAL life soon, HOW EXCITING. Ha. Ha. Ha. 1 more day for Uni to start, time to get back to packed schedules, desperate for signatures, training my hand muscles with wire bending (speaking of that, my right hand is aching. Too much of scrolling and clicking on my mouse in this holidays? I started to control and click my mouse using my left hand so that the condition of my right hand will not deteriorate. BUT i am blogging with BOTH hands now. Aww right hand, dont be mean to me. :(( ) etc. Most importantly? SATURDAY CLASSES. UNTIL 4PM. EVERY FREAKING WEEK. Mother of God.
*vomit white foams and bang head to the table*
To un-emo the atmosphere, post something happy lar. Gathering with my KMK sisters @ MidValley!
It is amazing that everytime we meet once in a few months, we got loads and loads and LOADS of GOSSIPS to share! Hee Hee Hee. Don’t mess with any of us or your story will be spread to representatives from different Uni and courses. HAHAHAHAHAHA :P
And on the same night i went yamcha with my lower-secondary besties Shaunie, Audrey and PehGe (whom i saw for more than 12 hours on that day. Haha!). Suddenly something crossed my mind and i shared with them and I am so happy to found out that I AM NOT ALONE. I thought i was, and feeling so guilty to have that thought in my mind. Guess i am quite normal anyway. LOL.
Really, friends come and go. Not everyone can keep you in your comfort zone, so APPRECIATE those who can! <3<3<3
P/s: watching early episodes of 《非诚勿扰》is actually a bit annoying. And shameful to say, i’m annoyed by some of the girls that act like some rude irritating bitches who emphasize on some tiny matters and shoot strangers who just appear infront their eyes for seconds. Dramatic much. OK lah, if i am out of thing to blog, one day i will blog about this show. JUST on this show. Then those who didnt watch will not understand i ngap mat. HAHAHA :P