Being 21, although not officially


Obviously i have to wait for another 11 month to turn 21 officially, which i doubt the possibility since the whole universes, perhaps including ET from Mars, is talking about world ending on 21-12-2012 which is my bro’s birthday AND exactly one week BEFORE my 21th birthday. CHOI! *slap my wooden table*

Nevertheless i still feel like talking about this magical number: 21.

Because according to the law, when you are 21, you are labelled as an ADULT. Even if you are behaving like a 5-year-old kids which have fetish towards Angry Bird (TRUE STORY. My students and lil cousins are so into it as if it is Justin Bieber *PUI* to xiu mui mui). When you are in primary schools, you wonder how it will be to be an adult, handling things like superman or superwomen. Now you ARE an adult, but instead feeling like a superhero, you feel like a coward kid whenever you encounter obstacles in life. HOW TIME FLIES! It was still yesterday when i went to primary school in my hideous mushroom head (BIGGEST NIGHTMARE, EVER.) and drew childish comics with pointy kissing lips. lol.

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me in primary school #truestory

So, being an ADULT, we should make a change in life, transforming ourselves into a more matured human, right?

When we feel like doing something, we should try doing it instead of dreaming about it forever. Like how i finally dyed my hair last year after dreaming about it for YEARS (and get addicted ever since. LOLLLLLLLL. Okay lah once a year is NOT addicted. This is not a good example. Change example!).

I shall change my I/C this year since i last lost-and-remade it when i was not officially 18 yet. I think i lost my wallet in McD. And then the worker use my money to buy McLunch for one whole week. The latter is my imagination LOL.

I shall pick up more new skills, like SERIOUSLY instead of singing about it only. I’m learning Adobe After Effect from zero now! Because i’m always admiring people who can come out with awesome animation (the AJK-intro multimedia during PTUM this year made my jaw dropped!) even just for some college project. So using the same spirit, i shall start learning cooking, crocheting, DRIVING…???

Talking about driving, jeez, am i the only 21-year-old that still got driving phobia, no sense of direction and need driver to everywhere? I’m simply afraid to drive alone because all the possibility of car accidents will start swimming in my head. Or i should put it in this way: I TOTALLY HATE PARKING. I can’t park properly under any circumstances because i’m afraid to bang the car beside me =.=" And my mom herself is feeling unsecure for me to drive alone (exp when i went to work last time, that was in KK, not TOO much worries but still, i kinda hate it. ToT) So… i shall anticipate the day when i can drive with shades, hair shining under the sunlight like some cool chick…..slowly. Like really, really, reaaaaallllly slowly. Hopeless much.


#truestory x 2

And, oh!, i planned to buy myself a DSLR for my 21th birthday after begging from Santa for years. AGAIN, to the question will i turn 21 officially…. refer to the 1st paragraph please.

I skipped the omg-i’m-goddamn-excited-to-be-21-cuz-i-can-go-to-Genting-casino-like-OMGfinally part because.. I simply don’t like gambling. Not because i’m penniless, i want to act like a pure-minded innocent lady, or what.. i.just.dislike.gambling. And i don’t find clubbing much appealing to me although i have not been to one before. And i think Carlsberg tasted horrible.

Am i the only weird 21-year-old standing?


Anyway, went for movie dating with my lil buddy Xin Di just now. Watched The Viral Factor (逆战) which took place in Malaysia and it was AWESOMEEEEEE. Familiarity of the scene is one thing, especially with KL Central, KTM (btw the train used in movie is still used to pick passenger meh? i thought it was only for stocks. lol), and even the pathway to MidValley! Shooting scenes are unexpectedly interesting (i don’t really favour movies FULL of shooting scenes with lousy story line). And the message of family love is brought up in a very touching way. Or else the person beside us wouldn’t have sucking back her tears and nasal mucus SO LOUDLY. XD Can’t help. :P I recommend this!