Avicenna Inter-medical Varsity Debate & Sport 2012

avicenna poster

Another college activity i’d joined for this year. Became the Head of Publicity Bureau once again, so basically, i actually did not have much duty on that day itself but having my kepoh nature, i went to kepoh and help. Me so committed LOLOLOLOLOL.

Participants were medic students from 16 universities in M’sia. To the question whether i spotted any leng zai, err, i don’t know. Not answer-is-yes-but-i-paixe-to-say-so-i-answer-you-i-dunno, but i really don’t know. wth. Cz i wasn’t paying attention for lengzai-hunting with my short-sighted eyes. LOLOLOLOLOL.

But leng lui confirm got. Cz my KMK da jie, Patricia was here!!!! And at the end of the day, she got 3rd place for debate competition! So so proud of her :)) She look super yeng while debating and it was not something we would see from our gossip-sharing sessions during gatherings. Ha ha! :P


Went to kepoh at futsal court in the morning before the sun gets real mean and i escaped to assist Pei Sang for debate competition in air-conditioned comfort. That’s why i didn't’ get sunburn at the end of the day. LOLOLOL.

avicenna banner

The banner design. A banner which SUPPOSED to be hung at PJ and KL gates and speaking of this, here comes my fire of rage. One stupid banner like such (ok banner not stupid cz is designed by moi. i not stupid.) need to take such a LONG and COMPLICATED procedures just to get it up at that two freaking gates. UM, can’t you be any more flexible? And due to my last minute realisation of the need of approval letter, i couldn’t get it approved at last. PFFT! WASTED SO MUCH OF MY ENERGY, SKIPPING CLASSES (oops hope no lecturer read this) TO THAT FREAKING OFFICES JUST TO GET IT APPROVED. AND ALL MY EFFORTS WERE IN VAIN AT LAST. WTF!!!!!!!

I was in real exhaustion last Friday to settle this. Added with the exhaustion experienced by all 2nd year dentalians who were rushing for our partial denture project, the level of tiredness was beyond my endurance and how can i NOT curse? In my heart also can gua?


*Miss Yi Ting’s treshold is quite low nowadays, please step out from her zone of comfort to prevent yourself from getting injured. BEWARE OF SIAO CHA BOR*

avicenna banting final

The orignal banting design. LUCKILY DIDN’T ORDER THEM AT LAST. Save cost. And not like i will have the approval to hang them anyway. Additionally, all lamp post along the way from KL gate to the turning point into KK6, where occupied. =.=” yao mou…..


Recently the internet speed in UM is real crapo and getting on my nerves. Cz you basically can’t online with a peaceful heart especially at night. The only time i can stalk people on FB without rising pekcek-ness IS EARLY in the morning, WHICH, also the only time i can study. Or at least do something with the notes lah. Most of time the lecture notes are like some other paper used to wrap kacang putih for me cz i’m simply SO LAZY to look at it. I don’t know what happened to my study mood, it had an agreement with me in the holidays to take leave and go travel and did not return ever since. Pathetic. So, in order to ONLINE and STUDY, i gotta wake up at around 4am everyday. Getting more and more siao nowadays. LOLOLOLOLOL.

OK appreciate my precious time in early morning, MUST STUDY AT LEAST ONE LECTURE NOTE. Damnnnnnnn.

P/s: i must be having PMS now cz everything around me seems to be complain-able . 我要发牢骚!*nagging and harping like an aunty*

P/s/s: update from my “Super-glue accident” (refer previous post), my eyes are totally okay now. Cornea ok, eyelashes ok, eyelids ok. I’m imagining if the super glue stays at my eyelids forever then i can have double eyelids on my right eye as well without going through surgery. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SIAO.


  1. must to pretend to be yeng! LOL. the event was great btw! nice banner~ ;)

  2. Yeng means yeng lah~ no need pretend. :D Thanks da jie~ <3 :D


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