I know what you did last year.

Bye 2011 and Hi 2012. And say hi to my new blog template! Brand new year, brand new blog deco. :)) And we shall start this brand new year by reminiscing what crime have I committed for the past one year:


Dyed my hair (& didn't cut my hair for the whole 2011. Oh long hair is ♥)

DSC07856 meme

And this is the end product at the end of December. ME GUSTA. *saje want to take something to cover my face because i look constipated but my hair colour looks good here LOL wtheck*

And i went for photoshoot with my KK girlfriends BEFORE i dyed my hair. Gosh. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR. Time for another round, babes! XD


Untitled-5 copy

Post-2.1exam Melacca & PD trip! :D First time went for travelling with my evil guy friends, Ah Hoon and a few other coursemates which are the locals. I MISS SATAY CELUP!



My first Dental Night Dinner (DND), the annual event in Faculty of Dentistry, UM.  Oh ya those are the kek-yeng Dental 5 Tigers which took photos with others like a star. Buay tahan.



Another dinner called MATB, this time by my former residential college, 2nd Residential College. Got the best student award for dental and just because Mr. Cocci Kent nominated me and thanks to his superb blow-water power, i got it lorh. I’m definitely not the BEST. Aku bukan distinction okay~

And i skipped my last period during last day of my 1st year to Tenji to MAKAAAAAAAN!


P1210298 forever alone

Finished my first year! And paksa-rela my coursemates to DTC to take group photo :D Don’t just scroll over the photo, OBSERVE IT. IT IS LATEST EDITTED & UPDATED.


Coursemates group photo is meant to contain the faces of ONLY coursemates in my heart. Yes i can be mean, only if u start messing with me, or rather, ALL OF US.

You deserve this.


Finishing first year also signified the beginning of my oh-so-god-damn-long-4-months-holidays!



Penang trip with almost half of my coursemates & 2 non-coursemates, Deff & Ah Chai. HAHAHAHA. A semi-organized-by-me trip with unexpectedly big troop of people. Glad that everything turned out to be okay and everyone was happy with it! That was the best part of all! :D

Also went to places like Cameron Highland & Sekinchan for photoshoot trip! :)) Ok lah it was self-declared photoshoot trip, i was the only person in the family which keep sticking to my camera LOL



The ever-anticipated Kuching fanxu trip!!! :)) Thanks to my ex-roommie Nadia which became our tour guide. :D

And also had Klang trip with my KMK sisters. :))

AND i started my sewing work! Starting from cutlery holder (very useful till now but i haven’t wash it since Uni starts. oh gross ==”), bag (which i dont even have initiative to use it. gah.), and the miniature series <3<3<3


Students copy

Finally surrendered to the God of Boredom and went to WORK! With my bunch of noisy & boisterous but adorable students. Truly miss them~


DSC06987 copy

Final ending for my miniature series (from clothes & crept papers) signified the end of my holidays. Time to crawl back to UM and become a GOOD senior. Tehee.

Before that, i also went for Puchong trip whereby i very buay-paixely overnighted at Ying Sze’s place although other sisters could not make it to there. Oh i miss her puppy!! XD



Got Dean’s List award on Pre-Convo. Disiplin aku bagus kononnya hahahahahahah. Don’t think i can secure it for my Year2 since i am getting lazier and others are getting more and more scarily IMBA. Competition, you know. :P

Also made banner for my grad buddy, Eunice for her graduation!


2011-11-25 00.39.32

Orientation FINALLY ended and sweetest part of all: got my desired lil buddy ♥. My darling & evil twins (since people have been saying that our patterns are DAMN ALIKE and both of us actually don’t understand we are alike in which part pun. LOLOLOOLOLOL)



Festival Ibnu Sina 2011, the first (real) college project that i ever joined, finally came to an end and there ends my torturing for a month of two LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Ok lah, not that appropriate. It was of course a torture when you were in stress, but when everything came out good and people appreciated your work…… hati aku berbunga-bunga LOLOLOLOLOLOL 

AND not forgetting my birthday! Kindly refer to the previous super-long blog post on my 20th. lol~

So, THAT’S MY 2011. What’s yours? :) 

Like what i’d wrote on my Facebook on Christmas:

"Christmas confession:

Realized some people are really sweet to me at times! Thanks to all the awesome people around me who tolerate with my mood swings (LOL), my bad temper when i'm really in bad mood, etc.

I find paranoid ppl annoying but sometimes, i am one too. I want everything to be efficient so i can be quite rude when i'm cooperating with people. I tend to carry much responsibility on myself and whine about it afterwards.

But people around me have been enduring well~ Thanks to those ppl who loved me unconditionally ♥ I will try to change myself into a better person to lessen your torturing LOLOLOLOLOLOL WTHECK :P”

and i mean it. :))

I know i have been quite mean to some people nowadays. When i find someone irritating, i show it on my face, even if you unintentionally irritate me with your just-normal-pattern on one of my PMS day whereby the beh-song-people-threshold is quite low.

I scare the feeling of loneliness and i’m sensitive towards things related to this issue and my tender heart makes me go EMO over those thing uncontrollably. I know it is real bad. Things will change. You can’t just rely on anyone… ANYONE’s companion or presence for all the time.

When i’m in charge with something, i make sure the things go well and meet my expectation. So sometimes for things to be settled fast (for an impatient people like me. bohoo.), i tend to carry many task on my hand and thus i look forever busy. And then i got this tense face which scare people away, i suppose.

People who keep saying that i’m nice, probably haven’t experience all these ugly sides of mine.





All hail exam.


  1. sipeh like tat group pic!tat troll face really rock~

  2. WAKAKAKAKAKA! That's the Forever Alone meme face XD


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