Complain complain


We human just LOVE to complain, you know.

Lets talk about residential college.

When we join activity and didn’t get the approval to continue staying in college, we COMPLAIN.
When we DIDN’T join any activity (like me in Year 1, tehee) and DIDN’T get the approval to continue staying in college, and feeling jealous of people who get to stay in college, we COMPLAIN. Pui. *shame on meeeeeeee*

When our room is too small, we COMPLAIN.
When our room is big, furniture are in good condition, but 3 person need to share a room when the room is designed for 2, we COMPLAIN.

When the dining hall food is too spicy/too salty/watermelon is too small/watermelon is tasteless/ chicken is too hard etc, we COMPLAIN.
Then when the dining hall is closed down for 2 weeks and we need to look for solution to settle our stomach, we COMPLAIN!
THEN, now the dining hall is operating, but apparently the lorry that send chicken to UM knocked into a 100-year-old-tree and it overturned and the chickens which are still alive fled to elsewhere or being stolen by the curious highway user or simply run back to their nest to lay more eggs for us (self-deduced hypothesis :D), and we have NO CHICKEN SUPPLY for the whole UM, AND what in place of it is some stone-like atrophy fish, stinky vege, high cholesterol egg etc. WE COMPLAIN.


This is not the ending yet.

When the wifi-speed is a bit slow, we complain.
When the wifi-speed is FRIGGING SLOW and made all the UM student make the “UM WIFI, Y U SO NOOB” meme face, WE OF COURSE WANT TO COMPLAIN LAR. The wifi speed like such is a great ENCOURAGEMENT to pull students from the Facebook/Youtube/Blogspot world but i reckon the laptop will soon turn into the chopping board of the Dewan Makan aunties because IT IS SO SLOW, YOU EITHER WANT TO KILL PEOPLE OR KILL YOUR LAPTOP. Rwarrrrrrr. 


When it is rainy season, we COMPLAIN. Shoes get wet on the way to faculty, clothes get wet, floor too wet, etc.
When there is no rain, we lagi mau COMPLAIN. The room was so stuffy like a big oven, it makes you sweat like a cow (?!), and makes you going around like vampire hunting for human blood, which in this case, we are hunting for places with aircond. Because without it, you can see the water particles from your skin waving goodbye to you with a tear-soaked tissue for EVERY SINGLE SECOND. UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Y U SO HOT?

Hot weather + Terrible food + Disastrous wifi.

And i’m still surviving without crying like a ghost to the sky and to the ground, begging to go home.



Residential college thing aside,

Dental student’s sem break will officially not be eaten up by lab session. SO, YAYYYYY I HAVE MY HOLIDAYS AGAIN. No complain.
And for Sem2, we are predicted to have Saturday classes from 9am-4pm, which means we only have 1 day of weekend on our own.



Due to these saddening factors, i will blog about my red hair next time, larh. This one no complain. Aku suka! :D

(i doubt anyone in college get to read this because the wifi line is frustrating when i was typing this. Want to use Google Image also kennot. Pfft.)