Chinese New Year!



One week i was engaged with Mr. Exam and the following week i was married to Mr. CNY. Now i’m divorced and in a relationship with Mr. SemBreak. Soon i will break up with it and get into a complicated relationship with my ex i.e. Mr. UniLife but just ignore that part first. LOL.

So instead of telling what i’d done for my CNY week, i want to list down my CNY resolution first! *Since i have not make one for New Year, making one for CHINESE New Year is never too late :P*

  1. Lady luck will always be on my side especially during Optech & Prosthetic session. :D
  2. Better emotional control during lab. Optech & Prosthetic have always been putting me on emotional roller coaster. I think if this proceed, i will be on emotional Spaceshoot when i am in Year3 and onwards. By final year i will die in front of the Psychiatric Unit of PPUM. Holy cow.
  3. Long hair once again!!! Tehee~ Hair please grow fast, ESPECIALLY MY FRINGE. *pray*
  4. Better time management because i assume i will be damn busy in February / March. 我是大忙人. Yayyyy LOL.
  5. The world please don’t end on 22 December 2012. At least, let me celebrate my 21st birthday first. LOL. Obviously i’m NOT interested with casino but…. being 21 years old is.. something! So puh-leaseeeee lah. :P

So what i’d done for Chinese New Year?


Check out my red hair on the left yo! XD

Meeting up with my two adorable AND naughty little cousins was definitely something enjoyable. Every year we would be camwhoring like mad but this year i was just too lazy to be so crazy over it. I was not even interested to be the camera-girl when we were on one-day-trip to Singapore. Hmm…weird. Guess i need something new and fresh to ignite my enthusiasm towards photography again. CANNOT LET THE PASSION DIMINISH BEFORE I GET MY OWN DSLR. I want to get one as my own present for my 21st birthday! *eh miss, i thought you just celebrated your 20th birthday? like less than a month? :O*


There goes the very FEW camwhore photos i got >o<

And this year, i FED UP watching the same old countdown show on S’pore channel. It used to be something fun to anticipate for, laughing and giggling at the television together with cousins. That was when we were still freaking young. Nevertheless now i find it rather dry and boring because it was generally the same pattern for every single year. Me and my siblings decided to settle that time slot with some random movie on other TV stations instead, which i can’t even recall what movie was it *severe short term memory lost*

One of the main reason contributing to this i-forgot-what-movie-i’d-watched phenomenon was that me and my brothers had watched TOO MANY movies for this Chinese New Year, new or old, from cinema or television or laptop. This year three of us tried to 守岁 for the first time on CNY eve ( a practise for the children to stay up whole night during CNY eve, which believed to bring blessings to their parents) by MOVIE MARATHON. We used to collapse not long after being bombarded by the eardrum-breaking sound of firecrackers and eyeball-damaging fireworks (try watching it from near distance, it feels as if the fireworks are landing on YOU. @.@). And this year, trying something different, we decided to stay up with movies in my laptop and SUPPER PREPARED BY ME. FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY I ACTUALLY COOKED SOMETHING BESIDES INSTANT NOODLE. And… that was the cousin of instant noodle named SPAGHETTI. Tehee~ :P (just a simple spaghetti + sauce in tin. What can you expect from me LOL) And the amount of spaghetti was wayyyyyy beyond expectation and instead of having supper, it feels more like a BUFFET. Carbohydrate Buffet FTW.   

I have minor phobia towards it now LOL.

And for the first time i went Cinema with my brothers! LOL! I know this is quite abnormal for some families but for us it was not a practise to watch movie together in a cinema. My brothers might watch more movies than i do at one time and they have their own ways LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Planned to get Journey 2 but unfortunately that lousy cinema still listing it as “Coming Soon” when the movie is already the No.1 Top Movie of the Week in M’sia. Pfft. So we had Underworld: Awakening instead.


ANDDDDDD…. for the first time i didn’t buy CNY clothes before CNY. Well basically i buy clothes all year long and logically speaking, you should wait for SALES to buy clothes, not CHINESE NEW YEAR. LOGIC OR NOT???? Nevertheless i still got myself 2 short pants when i was doing random shopping during the Chinese New Year week in hometown. No internet for the whole week, you can’t expect me to shut myself in house for the WHOLE FREAKING WEEK. From getting addicted to getting sick with readily-installed computer games like Solitaire only took me one week. Gosh.


Officially sick of you but thanks for accompany me through my hard time without internet. You were a good companion. Were. Now Byebye.

I’m skipping the part whereby more localised oedema occurred on my face, more pimples colonized my forehead and more prominent eyebags got tattooed on my face. And the part whereby i can walk around with my short pants without belt anymore. Depressing. Oh depressing. SKIP SKIP SKIP.

And with that,

END OF MY CNY POST! Gotta get back with my holiday life, doing part-time salary-less job i.e. dealing with college project stuffs, shout-out for more outings and continue being a Facebook Queen. Tehee :D


  1. Quite shock that u didn't update your blog for so longtime actually..haha..

  2. Haha~ Sekejap too busy with exam, sekejap too busy with holidays.. LOLOLOLOLOL XD


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