Black Friday & Red Hair

Today is 13th, Friday.

Black Friday huh?

So what?

Life goes on. I still need to finish up with my Medical Microbiology past year papers. Then i need to revise my Pathology again. Then i have to think whether 2 days are more than enough for last fight for Dental Material. Then i have to make sure i don’t forget what i’d learnt in Pharmacology.

And i didn’t fall down in my toilet, the chocolate milk i drank is not expired, my toothbrush did not drop into the toilet bowl. Nothing unlucky happened. Life goes on. *Choiiii by the time i was typing this, it wasn’t even 12pm and i have another half of Friday-the-13th reserved for unforeseen unlucky stuffs to happen. Choi choi choi. Sentuh kayu.*

So now i’m finally going to talk about my hair (like anyone cares LOLOLOLLOLOL).

The reason why i didn’t blog about it immediately with some over-excited meme faces flooding all over the blog post was, the hairstylist told me that “the colour will be brighter after a few washes”, which made me feel damn semangat-ed to wash my hair ever since. Siao cha bor.

Because my hair, yes it was suppose to be brownish red, was blackish-red when i first saw the outcome. And it was not very visible indoor. My friends said that it is visible outdoor but it is near impossible to walk around with a mirror in hand like some dumb blonde so frankly-speaking, i don’t know how it looks like under sunlight. Now, it is brownish-red, and to my horror, the level of redness already started to decrease (or was it only me? LOL).



*Searching for colour-lock shampoo frantically*

But seriously,

Which human actually put so much effort, spending a sum of 30minutes per day (i really think got lor) in front of the mirror inspecting the hair colour and praying that the ugly fringe can grow faster, DURING A STUDY WEEK (Correction: Study DAYS. 4 days is not a week. Kindergarten teacher teach one.)

Wa si Siao Cha Bor.



Some few and FRIGGING RARE succeeded attempt of camwhoring to get the colour. Hair problem or camera problem, i don’t know.





Stop whining over small girly matters like some sick pampered annoying brat and GET BACK TO YOUR SERIOUS BUSINESS, BABY. 

I, will be back. After CNY? :P

And next time i will be more DARING in choosing hair colour. I will come back from saloon with something visible indoor, something bright, something that will catch attention, something SHARP, something SHOCKING.

And i will be a blonde.