Festival Ibnu Sina (FIS) 2011 DONE! :D

After a month or two,


It is finally over! :D

For those who are still wondering what the hell were all those bunch of posters which i spammed on my own wall since like.. forever, well, i am the Penolong Pengarah Biro Publisiti, or Head of the Publicity Bureau, for this event named Festival Ibnu Sina (in short, FIS) in 6th Residential College of UM. So, it was sort of my job to spam my own wall with all those Facebook events and posters. HAHAHA!

LOGO wording

Event logo designed by Yours Truly based on the 3 main colours of FIS tshirt which is floating around since last week. lol. And the cactus with earphone.. well.. since the theme was “Melody from Oasis” (also something which i randomly ngap. LOL). The theme “Melody from Oasis” generally signify hope and difference, for FIS is like a platform for students to take a break from their hectic study life, enjoy and relax themselves with interesting activities like jogathon, sports, treasure hunt etc. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Even blowing water can be so official HAHAHAHAHA. 乱乱来…

fis 6

The main FIS poster. The poster which i’m most satisfied with myself. :D Glad that it got some compliments too… Hard works did paid off  ToT *touched face lololol*

treasure hunt finalMoonlight Jogathon finalBlood Donation finalexpo finalexpo new copysports finalDonut copyexpo

Some other posters which i made! Fuhhhhhhh~ definitely a long hours dating with my beloved Photoshop! Nevertheless i shall admit that this was actually the best part in the whole job scope in Publicity Bureau (providing i’m doing them NOT under stress. Stress makes me produce NOTHING. Like seriously.) Also gave myself an excuse to look for all the amazing Photoshop brushes online! :P #lazytothemax


Stack and stack of posters which suck out the blood of the printer of Ching Shyan i.e. Pengarah FIS. :O

Speaking of poster, i’m super thankful for my AJKs (Pei Sang & Adeline) and some volunteers like Ming Xiao & Keng Siang to run around UM to all other residential colleges just to get all these damn things up on the notice boards (LOLOLOLOL). Not forgetting how fussy some college administrations were. Some were really nice, though. Also thank a bunch to my another 2 AJKs, Jing Shyuan & Huai Ying for running up and down in the female blocks on KK6 just to stick the small notices on the room’s door. ToT Without my 4 loveliest AJKs, i am nothing~ToT *wipe away tears* Of course, their contributions were more than that, especially Pei Sang who used up her phone credit to help me in contacting the t-shirt company. #paixetothemax <3<3<3 u all~


My top most co-operative and responsible AJKs: Huai Ying, Jing Shyuan, me, Adeline, Pei Sang. Thanks a bunch! I know our bureau was really short of members but you girls truly made me proud :)


tshirt sample

The initial T-shirt design~


The outcome. Pink was brighter (not lighter) than expected but NICE! And at last minute i finally got one pink tee for myself after long consideration (though the size doesn’t really fit me. S was sort of big :/). My first 100% own design t-shirt! *touched face again LOLOLOLOL*

And i have to admit, when all AJKs stand together in that green Tshirt,

we look like bunch of cactus.


Suit the theme, what? :P

opening 1 changedopening 2Brochure for Opening Ceremony. My digital scrapbook kits again. HAHAHAHA. Confirm my style. And also thanks to this, i just realised i have this programme called Microsoft Office Publisher in my laptop. ==”

closing 1 changedclosing 2

Closing ceremony!


The print-outs! :))


Getting involved in one of the activity (besides promoting it lol): Blood Donation & Organ Pledge! Yeap, donated blood for the first time (and got energy to shop at 1U for 8 hours somemore on the same day. Sometimes, i kinda salute myself too. ==”)

At the end of this post, i would like to thank a billion to the Majlis Tertinggi and Penolong Pengarah-s that gave co-operation to me ESPECIALLY our lovely Pengarah FIS, Ching Shyan! She has bear with all my noob-ness patiently and gave me guidance so well. Did i mentioned that, well, i didn’t really join any activity during my 1st year and this activity can be considered as my first activity in my Uni life, and i was appointed as a Penolong Pengarah instead of a normal AJK? MY GOSH. Imagine how stress can one be when u have to lead a team with ZERO EXPERIENCE. And i’m grateful that i make it! No matter how stressful and how fed up i was during certain period throughout the preparation for this event, i have to say that i have been, or tried my best to be a responsible leader no matter how noob i was. At least i tried! i deserve a self-hug! LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

And now it is over,

Baby lets prepare for our coming exam……



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