Dear Santa,

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i wish:

1) Tetris Battle can change its system and don’t minus my star when i lose. It is like the negative-marking system during MCQ exam. But even in MCQ exam the minimum mark is 0 instead of lowering your rank. :(( *oh crapo imma Tetris addict and i have no life*

2) a Nikon D3100 will land on my forehead and wake me up when Santa throw it into my room from my window. So tonight i shall keep my windows open and take off the anti-mosquito thing. But i’m sure on the next day, instead of having a huge bump on my forehead, i would have anemia after all my blood got suck out by the Great Mosquito Family. Please, i just donated my blood for good, please don't do this to me. I just want my DSLR.

3) all the microorganism name of what what streptococcus pneumonia staphylococcus aureus mycobacterium tuberculosis aggregatibacter actinomycetemcommitant pseudomonas aeruginosa treponoma pallidum, all the drugs & disease names or whetever crap, get tattooed on the gyrus of my brain. Yes Santa, i am a good girl and i have been studying in my self-declare-6-days-holidays-study-week.  You must reward me with something.

4) My weight immediately drop by 10kg when i wake up tomorrow wtheck.

5) The right side of my earphone would cooperate happily with the left side of my earphone.

6) Since all my friends is damn damn damn gan cheong for me to get a bf, so, dear Santa, i shall put this into the wishlist too. Pui.

7) new high-waist-belt, long cardigan, dyed hair, new prom dress, hairbands, Mabeline eyeliner, this one that one yada yada yada. Nevermind all these zhapbalang thing i can settle with my own money, Santa i won’t make your burden become heavier. See i’m such a good and considerate girl. 


So ya,



recycling the xmas-photoshop thingy i made last year lololol.

P/S: Can’t wait for 2012, i’m going to change all the blog stuffs. Stay tuned. Tehee. :P


  1. ahhhhh kai 8! ur photoshop thingy so niceee!!! <3 can make postcard and sell d XD shall ask u to teach me photoshop like u next time yeah! ><

  2. hi darling! cannnnn no problem! Maybe wait till we have real long holidays? I also want to learn After Effect for multimedia one. Haha~ Photoshop is FUN! TRYYYYYY! :D

  3. XD i can only do the basic stuff for photoshop right now XD hahaha yeah yeah "real long holiday" XD *anticipating*


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