And this is my beloved bear which accompany me through all the mornings, declaring war to my lecture notes (or FB? ==”) under the yellow study light.

Too busy for everything. Nevertheless things got much smoother and relaxing recently. At least i know i can release this burden on my shoulder soon! :D

Too many things occurred until you never know which one to blog about.
About your room-alone-nights, which you used to hate, but slowly adapted to it?
About someone who is a big bully and does not respect you? About how you spend your last weekend in Uni when your whole family went to Taiwan (and bring back LOTS OF SOUVENIRS <3<3<3)? 
About how disappointed it is when people just ignore your request and you and up have to…sort-of….begging people for something?
About how impossible it is to catch up with studies until i’m up-to-date for all subjects?
About the ups-and-downs during Prosthetic and Optech sessions?

People don’t really care about it anyway. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

So i decided to skip all these.

And most importantly, i’m HOME, before i cannot step into house for another 2 weeks. Gosh~

Btw, something worth blogging about:


Fanxu @ Nando’s for Adeline’s birthday celebration before we proceed to Station One. :)


The guys. Kent the Boss joined us afterwards in Station One :))


The girls~ :D


My dinner! With sidelines fries + potato salad. Added with the McD fries i had for lunch on the same day, i think i’m going to have potato poisoning soon. LOLOLOLOLOLOL *trauma* I promise myself not to touch potato for the whole week, but if u give me a mash potato now i will still swallow it within seconds LOLOLOLOL :P

Next week is the week! Tee Yi Ting jia you!