20th ♥ (Updated)


Happy 20th to myself :))


Chocolate log cake :P

It is the gang’s ritual to go somewhere for candle-blowing-cake-eating ceremony on our birthday eve. LOL. So this time we went to Picadilly together with my ex roommie, Nadia 虫虫。:)) and DAMN IT I DIDNT TAKE ANY GROUP PHOTO BEFORE I LEFT #bloggersbiggestregret


And the prize-giving ceremony lololol. What’s inside the BIG PACKAGING? Well, there was a long story behind so i shall keep it till the end of the post. Cz’ it was EPIC.


Fullhouse @ SS2 Mall

And on my birthday itself, my sweetest lil bud Miss Ooi Xin Di dated me out previously, so together with her i brought along my another lil bud & my kai buddies since i have not have outing with my kaibud ever since orientation end. Must do something to mengeratkan hubungan LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Thanks kaibud Zhen Feng the BOSS for becoming driver. 委屈老板当司机了 :P


The only food which i took photo because later on we were too into conversation and started eating our food without thinking of the take-photo-of-nice-food-issue LOL.


Me the old people and a bunch of youngsters. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I’m actually not even a month elder than my kaibud Yee Wen. Haha~ This bunch of juniors are AWESOME. Thanks for accompanying me on my birthday XD

and not wasting the good photography-conducive-environment of Fullhouse, take photo lah!

P1240911 copy

Buddy Xin Di & Buddy Wen Thong :) I love this pic :D :D :D


Kaibud Zhen Feng & Kaibud Yee Wen :)


The rare chance of becoming a driver LOL wtheck.


Fullhouse~ Went Fullhouse @ Sunway Giza on my 19th birthday too but didn’t grab any food because it was too late. This time i get to makan!


UFO飛碟 ice afterwards since i have not been there too.


Me and Xin Di’s share. Oh the yogurt balls are damn cute because when i try to cut it using my incisors, it was so stretchy like a balloon filled with waters and did not burst. Then when you try it using your molars it will burst like pimples inside your mouth balloon with water LOL


My darling <3 or evil twins?


Wen Thong, Zhen Feng, Yee Wen :)

And there after i pack them off to own colleges to continue STUDY FOR EXAM. Ok la not really, i was being packed off to KK6 to study for my Pharmaco quiz on the next day too. Haha!


A very cute angelic cup from my ex-roommies, Nadia & Amy. Thanks!! Love the wings~ Now i will kiss it every morning when i drink my Milo with it :P


A super duper CHIO cupcake from Delectable by Su @ The Gardens (even the website looks chio. Super my style xD) Yea! The shops with a lot of cakes & cupcakes which are damn damn damn chio and look like clay. :O Thanks to Xin Di, Wen Thong & Yee Wen <3

By the way this is an inedible cupcake, because inside it we have:


AhhhhhhHahahahhaha the rabbit poops! :P A bowl of sweet sweet candies! Great accompaniment when i am studying in early morning :P


Cards with wishes from my lil buddies & lil kai buddies. Thanks Xin Di, Wen Thong, Yee Wen, Zhen Feng, Sook Voon~ :))


From Wen Thong & Yee Wen~


A totally UNEXPECTED self-made birthday card + very very chio punya crochet flying all the way from USM Kelantan. CHONG YING SZE my 7th sis, that’s SUPER DUPER sweet of you! ToT and i didn’t even go to office to check any mail until Adeline handed it to me. <3


The chio (cz the flowers are chio LOL) pandan layer cake from my family. It became my dinner LOLOLOLOLOL. Partly because i had too much chocolate cake recently and this is just something diff, less fattening of course. :P

OK now is story time. Remember this photo i posted earlier on? (if you don’t remember you shall eat more fish to improve your brain because you are having some severe short-term memory lost. Old people says that):


So what’s inside it?

After a layer and another layer and another layer AND ANOTHER DONT KNOW HOW MANY FREAKING LAYERS of Chinese & English newspapers (my gosh i salute you all. i only got energy to do this when i was.. 12?), this came out:


Yea. A stationary set (with the florescence yellow highlighter which i hate the most since it is so optical-nerves-damaging because if i try to read notes which is highlighted by this, it was like exposing your eyes to SUN for hours. Bian Tai.). From the whole gang. So apparently they want me to study harder for this coming 1.2 exam? Hmm.

So at first i was giving this face to them: 


A polite embarrassing smile *i’m referring to the facial expression of this internet meme, not the meaning LOL*

and just went back to my room without breathing a word about it although Terrence was like keep apologizing and ask whether i want for a substitute present.

At first i was thinking that it is a prank (YES THAT DID CROSS MY MIND BEFORE, I’M NOT ENTIRELY RETARDED LAH PLEASE), but recently everyone have been so busy, and due to some personal reasons, the more i think, the more i feel that there IS  a possibility that they really did FORGOT my birthday and just simply get something to stuff my mouth on my birthday and figure out the solution later.

It is not about big or small, cheap or expensive, useful or useless of a BIRTHDAY present. It is about the sincerity behind it. And it was the gang’s ritual to share and buy present when any of us have birthday so how could you all miss me out? :’(( usually one week, if not, few days before someone’s birthday, one of the gang member will have the initiative to start the discussion on celebration and present. It was all pre-birthday planning. So how hurt is it to know that they totally forgot the thing before your birthday and try to mend your wound after your birthday?



So on my birthday itself i didn’t spoke much, partly because it took so long to settle my prosthetic project *emo to the max. i’m one of the earliest person that start the articulator thingy and one of the last few person who will get signature for that. EMOOOOOO*, and i was hungry and sleepy. So i even skipped my lunch to sleep #sleeprulez. I even went to Xin Di’s room earlier before outing to express emoness and she just listen without saying much thing. BECAUSE SHE IS INVOLVED IN THIS CRIME. Bad, bad little buddy. Hmph! lol.

And then at night before i slept, i texted someone and some stuffs happen and i could finally have a peaceful sleep. I shall skip this part because the person concerned said that he/she will die if this part of the story is exposed LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

So on the next morning, the potato people finally come to a conclusion of stop fooling me around and tada:


The real present: sexayyyyyyyyyy earphone! *touched face* SUPER USEFUL FOR ME NOWWWWWWWWWWW ToT

And they explained that they planned this since long time ago AND i’m not forever alone because the 5 notorious tigers went out together to hunt for my present and it never happened in the history before lololololol AND who involved in this crime AND they actually planned to make me emo till friday wtheck AND i should be honoured because only manager got this special treatment from the gang.

Can don’t want mah? LOL


Greetings from the gang! Many funny funny ones. What Fei Po Mei Nv (肥婆美女) lah, ask me go 找男人 lah….. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ==”

Ok lorh, thanks to this bunch of idiots i spent half of my birthday emo-ing and so THANK YOU FOR THE UNFORGETTABLE BIRTHDAY. You all win liao. 整个场面被你们hold住了!

That’s about my 20th ♥

And i’m blogging since 5am++ in the morning because:

1) the UM internet line at night during peak hours will make a angel make this expression:


2) I’m not over the birthday-is-a-good-reason-for-procrastination period. wtheck.

AND, enjoy this blog template for few more days because i’m changing it in few days time. ;)

P/s: i getting like a meme freak :O