Pros and Cons of P.B.S.M (not Red Crescent!)


P.B.S.M = Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu / Pasti Balik Setiap Minggu. i.e. the so-called strawberries which anticipate for every single Friday night to escape from the hustle and bustle of city and get some temporary peaceful life for the pathetically short 2 days. Oh wait, not exactly the hustle and bustle of the city. Because.. the home is still in city anyway.


We are called strawberries because we are described as this fragile plant, which is forever looking for shelter, cannot bear with excessive stress, always try to get a way to escape from reality instead of facing it when we are in trouble.. etc. People generally label those which are born after 1990 into this category: fragile, emo easily, dependent, sheltered, or even pampered and spoilt.

I am a hardcore P.B.S.M member. So am i a strawberry too? Hmm..

First of all, i must admit that escaping to home on every weekend is like a blessing. My home is around 30 minutes from uni, if there is no traffic jam, so why waste this golden opportunity? ;D #typicalspoiltbrad. Bringing one bagful of dirty clothes to feed my poor washing machine, is not the main issue. Because, i DO laundry in Uni too, okay? Maybe once or twice in a week! With my own bare hands! lol. And basically, when i am home during weekend,


  1. i tend to slack:  the level of guiltiness is directly proportional to the duration of slacking but this bad cycle never change lol.

  2. i tend to sleep A LOT and never enough of it: i can survive with 5-hour-sleep daily in uni, but at home, even the sofa is so influential (lol) that it make my 15-minutes short nap –> 1-hour nap. The cycle goes like this:

    set alarm as 15 minutesalarm rings still in dream and reluctant to end the dream without watching the ending so don’t want to wake up snooze multiple times dream still haven finish (like Taiwan Hokkien drama lololol)change alarm time to another 15 minutes with blur eyescontinue dreaming alarm rang againsnoozed like hell againrational side finally overrides the emotional side and i’m ready to wake up

    seriously, wtheck?

  3. i tend to eat a lot: if you are on some real strict diet plan, DONT EVER GO HOME OR U WILL START BANGING THE WALL (er. imaginarily) LIKE ME. Toblerone chocoloate in my fridge, go die; biscuits in the kitchen, go die; junk food from China on the dining table, u also go die. all go die far far and don lemme see u. Pfft. In uni, my only food source is Milo (this is a form of self-restriction, or some people known as self-torture LOL) so i have no rubbish to munch on.

Then why go home when you know that you will be less productive, gaining fat, etc? I don’t know. There is an aura surrounding home that generate a magnetic field to suck me back from KL to Kota Kemuning. Tehee. Besides, staying back in uni = room alone. Being in room alone is not scary because i’m afraid of ghost or what (i sleep with my lights off when i’m alone okay.. =="), in fact i have a lot of freedom and can be highly effective sometimes. Just that.. you know, when you are a sound-making machine and all of the sudden you have to mute yourself for the whole day, your inner parts might just spoil and you will end up giggling to the 4-walls surrounding you like some psychiatric patient. :O

After typing this i’m feeling a bit remorseful. I cannot be so strawberry anymore! I must appreciate every second i have to be as effective as possible (considering the hell load of things which is running in my cerobrospinal fluid restlessly for like.. forever. Gah.)! So, i shall not go home so frequently, considering the cruel fact that I HAVE SATURDAY CLASSES SOON. *ROAR*

Will i achieve this target?


Say only lah.

Yi Ting says, “郑伊婷, 我看扁你!”

If i didn’t go home this week, i must be mad. BECAUSE MONDAY IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY ;)))



1st buddy outing of the year @ Teo Heng KTV~ OH YEAH… #absolutelyshyioksendiri. Tehee~ From the left, 1st year buddies Wen Thong and Xin Di, 2nd year buddies Yi Ting and Edward, 3rd year buddy Shir Inn, Final year buddy Bee Chin and 4th year buddy Wil Liam! :)

2011-11-25 00.39.32

Me and the little buddy Xin Di which somehow 心灵相通 lolololol. Great minds think alike! Pink-pink without planning regarding it beforehand. LOL. Some of batchmates of hers and mine said we both are alike in terms of the way we talk. Hair also similiar gua. But i confirm the face doesn’t look alike, and if anyone insisted so, i must be damn honoured. 002, kai wan xiao! Haha!

Untitled-1 copy

俗语说: “一天roommate, 百年roommate”, so being an angelic ex-roommate, i sacrificed my Friday night to accompany my ex-roommate through her room-alone night. NADIA CHONG, PLEASE CRY, PLEASE CRY! Finally watched “Real Steal”! :D

And back to the topic,

Really, next week i don’t think i’m going back due to certain reason.



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