Manager, when do you want to get a boyfriend?


I have been bombarded , with the question above, for gazillion times for the whole week. LOL. Whaaaaaat a good begining of Sem1.2 LOL.

Oh speaking of 1.2, i am (FINALLY) fully mentally prepared for my Year2. YESH, UNTIL NOW MAN. I have been spending half of my Sem1 in some half-conscious state with too many things spinning in my head. LOL. TEE YI TING IS BACK. The siao-lang-sleep-at-12-wake-up-at-5-wtheck-YiTing, has RETURN (maybe not entirely lol aku masih malas oii~) And i shall use that spirit to battle with.. what? 10 lecture notes in one week?????? *try to hang ownself with spaghetti*

Back to the relationship topic. When we knew that another gang member finally bid farewell to this Persatuan Bujang, everyone in the gang was quite.. high. A very high Monday, indeed. And then they started questioning me on the same issue for almost every time we have the time to sit down and talk crap. And i have been replying with the same official answer (like those artist lol) that “not i dowan, but no one wants me” for like another gazillion times. But still they still like to ask me the same question! LOL~

But seriously,

Not i don’t want, but no one wants me.


Ok this is quite irritating, i shall stop.

Friends around me can be described with one Chinese proverb: 皇上不急太监急.


I have know myself for the past 20 years and i know i’m not the type of person that people will fall into at first sight. If they do they must be having short-sightedness of –2000 and the contact lens he wear accidentally drop off and got squashed by a cow when he saw me. And even if we chatted more we will eventually become, at most, real close friends. I also don’t know why please don’t ask me why ohoho.

Maybe it relates back to my self-esteem. Maybe and most probably. Maybe i’m just too busy to think of this (seriously. Tired. Exhaustion. MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT AND UNSATISFACTION, etc.). Maybe.. i don’t know?

I know i’m crazily obsessed with anything related to the movie “You Are the Apple in My Eye” (那些年,我们一起追的女孩) until I actually bought the novel after not buying one since ages ago. And the novel is nice! Especially the few ending chapters, it made me want to read ‘em again and again!

but it doesn’t mean i’m extremely despo. there’s nothing wrong to get so damn attached to a love movie as a single lady. lol.


My Love~ :D :D :D

So, after typing such a long explanation, i can only say there is no absolute answer for the question in the post title. LOL. Don’t worry, i’m not that #foreveralone, i have my big pillow to hug when i need some love lolololol wtheck.


380522_10150369270963387_629633386_8413793_1902540769_n (1)

Oh! Went to expo for PTUM (Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya) with, from the left: kaibuddy, kaibuddy’s buddy, me and my buddy. LOL. Seems complicated but not complicated. XD379444_10150372951813387_629633386_8427811_1632346677_n

Accidentally spotted a “XIN” on the conteng-board so the itchy-handed-wuliao-buddy-i.e.-YITING TEE grabbed a liquid paper and TADA! LOL! XIN DI DENTAL 002 *trying to make the little buddy popular. ngek ngek ngek XD*

Room alone in Uni now. One of the rare Friday night in Uni!