Light at the end of the Tunnel :)

Finally, after all the dramas for 2 freaking months, here comes the happy ending!

The ugly self of someone was finally REVEALED and YES, YOU WILL BE R.E.M.E.M.B.E.R.E.D by EVERYONE now, as you wish! The world is fair, after all. You might not get your punishment now but we shall see. Stop acting innocent in front of everyone because your thief-like glare betrayed you and exposed your satanic self. You should be honoured because you are one of the few LUCKY person on this world that can incur my wrath and hatred to such extend! Applause for you, man! (ugh wait you are not even a MAN) Quote the Best Line of The Year: IF YOU STEP ON MY TOES, I WILL SWALLOW YOU. Except that swallowing you will definitely be a torture for me since swallowing a monster like you will upset my digestive system! I feel sad for you, Mr #foreveralone.

Ok we shall stop discussing about this creature because it is such a mood spoiler.

Now everything has come to an end and what’s the sweetest part of it? The happy ending – buddyline! :D


With my cobuddy and little buddies! From the left: my direct lil bud Xin Di, me, my cobuddy’s direct lil bud Wen Thong and my cobud Edward. Quote from Edward, my lil buddies are “COCKY (HAHAHAHAHA) and Confident, Fun and Friendly, Lovely and Lively. Cocky Trollllllll " Ok no matter how COCKY my lil buddies are to others (and i object this very very much!), i heart you both! Welcome to the family~


Take 2 with better lighting. :D I’m so grateful to get them, especially my direct buddy Xin Di because she is like another copy of myself which is as hyper, talkative, gossipy, cheerful etc. but of course the cuter, slimmer and much prettier version! 002 leh, kai wan xiao! HAHAHA! Some even said that we are similar in the way we talk! LOL~ Ok buddy outings will be 2x the current level of noisiness then. LOLOLOL.

And i’d also took 3 kai-buddies which are Yee Wen, Sook Voon and Zhen Feng. Actually i feel like recruiting even more because i like a few more of them quite much too! Nonetheless i think i shall control my greediness. Tehee.


My wardrobe with some of the artworks from juniors.. :)


More than 1/3 of the juniors think that i look like Pikachu? Pika pika! *voice crack lol* They claimed that i’m as cute as Pikachu (lololololol) and if they associate me with other cartoons which is white/light yellow/peach in colour, they claimed it was because of the my fair skin colour. LOL. Luckily no one label me as Pikachu due to skin colour because… er.. obviously… i don’t have jaundice right? LOL.


Some completed personal tasks from the juniors. Thanks!


Yes, the white and black things in previous picture are the white tooth from lil bud Xin Di and black fur-ball from lil bud Wen Thong. Sooooooo adorable! 黑白配yo! 谁说不能黑白配~*in own music world*


The love letters i received. LOL. Ok lah not exactly love letters but i asked juniors to write about their impression towards me since i want to know how others look at me as a senior. Thanks for all the feedbacks! Not that i want to bloat about this but i WAS once, the favourite senior of many juniors (bwahahahahahahaha ok don’t throw stone at me please). Nevertheless the zaman kegemilangan only lasted for few days before they started changing their mind because “Too many people like Senior Yi Ting” which is quite a weird reason to me because…. you wont stop liking Lady Gaga just because she has thousand of fans out there right? LOL. Make sense or not? Unless you like me with an intention behind? Hmm…Easy easy, i’m just blabbering randomly, don’t hate me for this! I don’t mind about this anyway, because i’m still grateful when people regarded me as the kind senior which they were appreciative of. Thanks! :P

Now things are over, i shall reset my mindset and resume my 100% study mood! For unknown reason, it seems like i have not been in a real study mood for the ENTIRE 1.1 because i have been daydreaming or even SLEEPING during lectures, which rarely happen during my Year 1! And that’s so terribly pathetic *Hide face in guiltiness* And recent incident of me stoning at my quiz paper with blank mind and tembak for the WHOLE thing really made myself shivered a little because i’d never been in such extremely helpless condition. T.T

Tee Yi Ting, time to wake up.

But before that.



Happy Holidays, people! <3


A lil bit of updates:

buddyline 2011 12

Tada! The temporary “group photo” of buddyline! :P Check out the last year’s version:


Haha~ :D

I’m gonna make this photoshop-for-buddyline-habit as my personal tradition LOLOLOLOL.

that’s all kthxbai!