Too busy to poop.

Yea, i’m so busy recently. Gah. So busy that i’m actually lazy to blog but considering it is like my weekly commitment towards blogsphere, i still blog lah anyway. And i’m so busy that i’d not been reading popular blogs, check my Twitter carefully, playing frequently, etc. Nevertheless i’m not that busy until i have no time to poop as the title suggested. LOL. I suppose my GIT system is running quite well anyway. *rub on the bulging tummy*

Some late photo updates!


D’ Gang. OH YEA BABY. For Kent’s birthday. But Keng Siang joined us afterwards as he was engaged in some other matter. And i’m SO SORRY for becoming the light bulb for wearing the same tee like D’ Couple. Gah. It was our initial plan to wear that shirt together and they cancelled the plan without informing me so yea, there i am, wearing my pyjamas to celebrate friend’s b’day. LOL. The designer of the shirt would be chopping me into pieces. WAIT, THE DESIGN IS VERY NICE. I SWEAR. BUT THE SIZE IS… oh well.


*blogger trying to crack some internet meme jokes. epic fail.*


Not forgetting the flower-pot-sized drink for birthday boys & girls from Wong Kok!

And some recent photo updates:


As, probably the whole world, knows, our optech lab in new faculty was burnt (ok not that serious. The roof was burnt. alright alright) due to the brainless lightning which struck the roof during the study week of my finals in Year 1. So in order to complete some of the project, here we are, at the Faculty of Dentistry in UiTM (which is in Shah Alam and yea it is near my house and yea it made me feel like going home omg i’m such a pampered brad oh whatever slap me please ugh). That’s us from Group E & F! The rare species there of the day! LOL.


And introduce you my lovely outcome at the 5th hour of the 5-frigging-CONTINUOUS-hours-of-lectures-wth. I would salute anyone who managed to absorb 100% in that 5 hours. I suppose i only gained 20-40%. Like seriously.


And then i realised the girl i’d drawn was too lonely so i gave her a boy friend.


And then i give them a big polka-dots-heart so he is now her boyfriend instead of boy friend.

Oh well. Imma ultimate lamer.

And oh, i’m just back from the buddy meal treated by my grad buddy, Dr. Eunice!! Awesome lunch in Manhattan Fish Market @ MidValley. Enjoyed the food and chatting much! :D And when i got home i was like, damn, i forgot to snap photo. AIKS. I MUST SNAP PHOTO NEXT WEEK. Because it will be convo! :D And this time, we will be there with a more pleasant identity. :))

As the finishing line, i just want to say


A mood-spoiler quote as ending of the post, but yea, like SERIOUSLY. Now i realise the truth behind this line.