Today I don’t feel like doing anything

… i just wanna lay in my bed.307388_215457981847715_108106415916206_569881_1269214876_n

Like seriously.

Somemore the internet connection at home today is like some snail on sleeping drug. Damnnn.

And i have been deprived of sleep for around one week. Maybe it is not so for other individual, but at least according to this old-lady-body-system of mine, it is labelled as “Lack Of Sleep”. Or more appropriately known as “Lack of Good Sleeping Pattern”. 5 hours is enough if i sleep before 12am. But if i only start to collapse at 1am, the next day i will be the snail on sleeping drug resembling the speed of my Streamyx. Damnnnnn!

And i have so many things to be completed in short time, until i sacrificed my movie time with the gang and instead, locking myself in the room, declaring war with Photoshop. Huhu. And the rate of digestion of lecture notes declined from (1 lecture notes per 2 days) to (0 lecture note per 5 days). Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Fine, i will stop cursing. LOL.

AND recently my thoughts have been in turmoil. Some stuff, as far as it is not settled, my brain cell will automatically replay it in my mind even during lectures. Gah. Well, before everything is finalised, the possibility for any surprise to pop up is there, and we will be living in uncertainties. Changes have been made for every single day and i don’t know what will come next. LOL. Maybe i’m not suppose to put too much feeling in anything. Great expectation might lead to big disappointment, who knows? Oh well, if something is fated to be yours, it will be yours anyway. Praying hard to everything to run smoothly! And most importantly, no one is hurt throughout the whole thing no matter what will happen. Nothing should break this bond. :))

Some typical photo-updates again! This time on the birthday celebration of Senior-With-Shark-Bag, Terrence a.k.a. Poly Piggie!


1st round: With the special-edition-cake (it became a tradition in fanxu gang LOL).

2nd round: With Secret Recipe cake from all coursemates!


My lovely noisy bunch of coursemates~♥


Fanxu gang! Our latest and complete-10-person-group-pic :DD *double ♥*

And now….

I’m sleepy once again.


Someone please come and slap me please T.T