Pre-convo and Convo 2011

So, here comes the major annual event in all universities: Convocation! I definitely felt more involvement in this event for this year compared to last year when i was still a noob Year1 student *now also noob but maybe less abit lol* First of all, i managed to make myself into Dean List together with another 6 brainaic coursemates of mine, including 2 which got viva distinction! Congrats to all!! And yea, i did not manage to grab the name of viva distinction, and i have no idea which kepoh went around the world spreading rumour that i got it during the 4-months-holidays. And then the whole gang of funny potatoes clamoured for me to treat them for this reason. LOL. So now i managed to save my wallet from haemorrhage. :P


Tada tada! The award achievers and our certs at dental pre-convo! The line “mempamerkan sikap, DISIPLIN, etika, dan profesionalisme yang BAIK sepanjang sesi akademik berkenaan” made me wanna laugh because…. well, i reckon my gang knew what bad deed i’d done, FOR THE SAKE OF THEM, especially during last few weeks of lessons in Year 1. :P BUT I SAID I WON’T DO IT ANYMORE! Tehee.


Looking at dr.seniors dressed up in their convo robes with radiant smiles actually made me happy! I don’t know why! Because obviously i have like.. 4 freaking years to go. lol. I guess the happy atmosphere contaminated me :P


My pretty and bubbly graduated buddy, Dr. Eunice Soh Xinwei! Many of my coursemates said that she look different and a lot prettier~ :D Do take care, buddy, we are always proud of you. :) I think i will miss her~


Eunice’s banner! It is the tradition for us to make a banner for our respective buddies, so this is the 3-hours-hardwork from me and cobud, Edward for Eunice. :))


My fav photo for sure! The whole buddyline 10/11 !!! From left: me, Shir Inn (Year 3), Dr. Eunice, Bee Chin (Year 5), Wil Liam (Year 4) and cobud Edward. LOVE YOU ALL!


Eunice with the freshies. Found our own shadows from them? Hmm.. We shall see how thing will progress?


Zhat-ba-lang photo #1: Study (& Facebook-ing) 5am in the morning. My style. LOL.


Zhat-ba-lang #2: Consequence of  expecting your kad makan is so smart that it will automatic shout-out: “Hoi! I’m in your pocket! Take me our before you dump your pants into that damn washing machine!” My gosh.


Zhat-ba-lang #3: Hoon, Junyi, me. Perhaps the top most hopeless students in Lab D3 as we were happily comwhoring (IN FRONT OF THE LECTURER SOMEMORE LOL) and blowing-water when the rest was busy with group discussion. We were hardworking enough to move our hand to copy, though. :P Lucky to have them as labmates.. HAHAHA.. The silly Fanxu spirits everywhere LOL


#4: McD Breakfast at 4am++ since the Curry Wan Tan Mee stall was closed. And we didn’t sleep for the whole freaking night! So on the subsequent day i was like some high-on-drug walking vampire since i was so tired that… sometimes i don’t even know what i’d done. LOL! I feel old. Body tak tahan dah.

And by the way, as the ending line:


like seriously.

It causes emoness in moi whenever there is prosthetic class. :(((


  1. Thank you, my dear buddies! Thank you for every single thing you've done to make my convocation a more successful one! Love you <3

  2. Welcomed!! Happy working~ So gonna miss you! Thanks for being a great buddy too :))


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