One of the rare weekday

…which i actually have time to update my blog!

Because it is my (almost) 1 week Deepavali holidays! :))) & :(

Yea. There’s a :( there because this is obviously not a FREE holiday. There will be replacement classes during my 1.2 study week. STUDY WEEK, you hear me right. How could you eat away my precious study week? How could you????

But for the time being lets just enjoy ourselves first. Happy Deepavali, people! Wohoo!

Which means i have time to catch up with my studies. I promise i will catch up with my studies! I PROMISE. Nevertheless the sleepy bug ate away my determination. I have no clue why do i feel FOREVER SLEEPY at home until i really couldn’t concentrate fully when i study. The moment i start flipping my lecture notes, i could sense the smell of my bolster instead of paper. Pfft. Consequences of sleeping too much? But waking up 5am in the morning at HOME is a kinky idea considering the fact that no exam is around the corner anyway. Hmm.

I shall continue to let the sleepy bug suck my cerebrospinal fluid away. I give up.

And i’m progressing towards my Zaman Keruntuhan. Like seriously. Because nowadays it is almost impossible for me to concentrate in class. I think i only gained maximally 20% from every lectures i had attend. And that’s obviously BAD! No, i didn’t sleep in class but my thoughts are always everywhere.. God knows why. T.T

Ok too much word. No one really care if i’m in Zaman Keruntuhan anyway. Some people might even be clapping their hands now. LOL!:P Photo time:


New wallet! Tehee~ And the inside is PINK! PINK PINK! My gosh my fetish towards pink stuffs strikes back again. It used to be brought under control LOL. In recent months i’ve been carving for every single pink stuffs like pink mechanical pencil, pink highlighter pen, pink backpack, pink shirt (which Ming Xiao said look like modelling wax WTH) etc.


You tell me lah, the shirt look like modelling wax or not. LOL.

By the way, i’m actually longing for my 1.1 sem break although i’m having holidays NOW. Haha! Maybe because i knew that by that time, i will be drown in relieve. Tehee!

Till then.

Going out tomorrow! Wheeeee~ *hyperactive mode on*