Year 2?

Oh yea people. I’m back to my hectic uni life. REAL HECTIC ONE. Too many things to update so i will just blabber them randomly. Hmm..

New room in KK6 was great (of course lah, more expensive what. HAHAHA)!! Sizes of wardrobe and cupboard are beyond my expectation, so they are quite empty now. LOL. Have Adeline and Jing Shyuan as roommates too! Wheee~ I think we should stick a paper on the door saying “You are entering a Potato Room”. HeeHee. And since we are all Selangorian, i reckon our room will be needle-drop silent during weekends as we are active members of PBSM – Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu!! *Smirk*

New time table was packed. PACKED! On first and second day, we had classes in lecture hall for 5 freaking hours continuously. OH MY SMURF. The boredom was strangling me! Ughhhh. And soon after, we spent 7 freaking hours on TOOL SHARPENING.


Yea. These tools. My babies for Year2. Freshies recognise our face, we recognise tool’s face. Except that they don’t even have one. =.=


The noob Angry Bird which play with my bur-cleaning brush and eventually, a hair-diameter metal-like thingy went into his finger. Then this noob randomly took my unsterilized tools to take it out. Noob max! :P

Besides the packed and bored schedule, the recent activities in faculty was definitely tiring. So tiring that my single-eyelid transformed into double-eyelids (from –.- to =.= LOLOLOL) And i carried the sleepy look to class until some people thought i was sick. Yikes! Nevertheless, some newbies were really cute and nice to talk to! haha.. Dramas occurred as expected, but well… not too convenient to be exposed here. Ha ha. I only hope that everything will have a happy ending as soon as possible! :))

OK that’s all for now. *stare at my bag and thinking of the lecture notes inside* Should i catch up for this week’s lesson? T.T DAMMIT HOLIDAY BUG, Y YU PARASITE SO LONG IN ME???